Wes Scantlin Stuck In A Puddle Of Legal Problems

September 12, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

We are a long way from the era that birthed bands like System of A Down, Godsmack, and Puddle Of Mudd. But that still hasn’t stopped some of the 90s rock elite from ruining their reputation later on in life. Wes Scantlin was busted trying to board a plane with a BB gun. Maybe almost catching a beat down by airport security for a full bottle of water being over the liquid ounces limit you forgot to throw out is understandable. But a BB gun is kind of hard to misremember. The majority of TSA employees have barely graduated high school but are still tasked with being the first line of defense against terrorism. So being a Z-list celebrity in 2017 won’t save you from being booked and needing bail for a gun at the airport. 

Wes Scantlin, 45, is kicking himself after being arrested on gun charges at LAX on Sept. 9. As HollywoodLife.com previously reported, Wes was trying to board a plane with a BB gun. He is currently being held on a whopping $850,000 bail, according to the LA Sheriff’s Department. The lead singer of Puddle of Mudd had two prior warrants out for him when he was caught going through security with the gun and was charged with bringing a weapon to the airport. “He didn’t realize he had the BB gun on him because he literally lives out of his backpack,” a source close to the singer told HollywoodLife.com.“He’s given knives to cab drivers that he knows to hold onto before heading into the airport to fly out, he must have forgotten about it,” the source continued. “He just loves weapons of any kind!” 

It’s sad to see anyone live out of their backpack against their will. But attempting to go through security with two prior warrants for the same offense has me scratching my head. $850,000 bail for an arrested backpacker is basically a jail staycation sentence. Being poor and committing costly crimes is the oxymoron of life. Financially challenged celebrities should seek rehabilitation to remove the mentality that only works well for the wealthy and fashionably famous. No more caviar and casual crimes are key in surviving life after stardom. 

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