Azealia Banks Bush Out For Her New Single

October 17, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Azealia Banks loves and lives for the attention. She enjoys having an opinion on everything and everyone more than likes having a career in entertainment. So when she doesn’t have her hands full performing witchcraft in a closet with chicken sacrifices she’s taking her clothes off to promote her new single that no one is going to buy. There’s really no better icing on the cake that symbolizes your music sucks so much that you have to take your clothes off to get anyone to pay attention. 

Azealia Banks has never been shy about putting herself out there through her platform over the years, and her latest social media post bares it all. The Harlem rapper dropped two versions of her “Escapades” record back in June, and now we’re getting a peek at the photoshoot behind it, which includes nude photos of Banks.

If you’re unsure of who Azealia is, you’ve probably heard her single 212 some time back when you were stumbling drunk past the gay club towards an Uber that wasn’t meant for you. The only other way you’ve heard the song is if you were shopping for a halter top at Forever 21 in 2014. Yeah, that song with the instrumental that sounds like robots queefing in the background of an all too often occurring Banks’ rant. Then there was that Russell Crowe incident where she was spat on by the actor in a non-kink setting and subsequently kicked out from his suite. It’s true Azealia likes to argue whenever and wherever. But this doesn’t disregard the fact that she has enough bush to let everyone know she’s over 18.  

See the pics of Azealia Banks’ vagina here

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