Blossom Tells Young Actresses to Put Some Clothes On

October 16, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

There are any number of reasons to find actress Mayim Bialik annoying. But she does offer two things almost no other woman in Hollywood can offer: uncensored opinion and never having been hired for her good looks. Quick, name somebody else (who isn’t the obligatory heavy chick).

The New York Times is desperate to make up for the fact they neutered a 2004 expose on Harvey Weinstein’s “bag man” who hooked him up with ladies. They did so for crass political and business reasons. It could’ve saved a ton of women a ton of heartache. Now they’re doing what they can to be the home base for all things Weinstein outing, providing open opinion for any celebrity to speak their Weinstein thoughts, including Mayim Bialik with a rather unpopular insight.

While calling Weinstein all sorts of deserved names, Bialik points out the inherently sexual and objectifying superficial nature of the entertainment industry. How pretty young girls are pushed into adult like flirtations and embraces with grown men and how that never really stops:

“I quickly learned even as a preteen actress that young girls with doe eyes and pouty lips who spoke in a high register were favored for roles by the powerful men who made those decisions.”

If she also noted that young boys with doe eyes and pouty lips were also favored by many similar men, she’d have this one nailed. It’s a kiddy meat market that continues up through the time an actor has enough age and experience and influence to turn it off. If they so choose.

Bialik notes how her own parents hated Hollywood, didn’t trust anybody in it, and warned her that all the men were gross pigs out for one thing. An exaggeration, but only barely. She claims this combination, along with her lack of sexy looks and insisting on dressing casually and rebuffing any attempts at flirtation from grown men, kept her out of the Weinstein track. Bialik calls herself a feminist, and insists women “should” have the right to dress and act and be a publicly sexual as they wish, but she implies that comes with a risk.

Naturally, a number of Hollywood women reflexively called out Bialik for “victim blaming” young women preyed upon by the likes of Harvey Weinstein. 

Arquette could use some work on her humble-bragging. Several more prominent women and feminists noted how sexual assault has nothing to do with how a woman dresses or acts, and often dowdy conservatively dressed women are victims. Although that has nothing to do with Weinstein who preyed upon hot young actresses desperate for roles. 

The classic battle between feminists who are angry for boys paying way more attention to their pretty friends and rich and famous beautiful privileged feminists will never end. They are bound by a philosophy that fails to bind ties in any practical manner.

Nobody wants to listen to the cranky old church lady, but she’s not without some time-tested advice on keeping creepy men from inviting you up to their hotel room. It’ll never ever play with actresses, let alone their pimping stage moms desperately pushing them toward powerful men. About as effective as CTE studies with poor 6’4″-230 pound linebackers from dirt poor Alabama. Some people choose the deal with the devil. Though still worth bearing in mind when evaluating why these Weinstein scandals keep occuring.

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