No One Wants Denise Richards’ House

October 18, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Being married to Charlie Sheen should come with a medal after completion. Denise Richards didn’t receive one but settled with supervised visits and subtracting the stigma of being married to Mr. Tiger Blood himself. Denise also ducked HIV with the divorce so she’s arguably doing better without Sheen than she ever could with him. Now she’s trying to pocket a profit on a remodeled home that she just shaved off a million dollars in order to pass off the property on to anyone willing to pay up. 

Richards put the home on the market for $7.29 million over a year ago, but no takers. The ranch-style 6 bedroom, 8 bath home is still for sale … for the reduced price of $5.995 mil.

The 8,200 square foot home has been extensively remodeled. It’s also got some unique features … a lagoon pool with a waterfall and a grotto, a pizza oven, wine cellar with tasting room and custom-built dog kennel/hotel for dog lovers.

A million dollar discount is nothing to laugh at and it’s a better price drop than you’ll find on any Groupon. The house has leopard print stairs and looks like something anyone with a Pinterest account would drool over. In other words, obnoxiously pretentious. The target demographic that would be attracted to owning such an estate would typically be some A-Lister given a once over by Weinstein or some other mogul with similar sexual harassment skills and large sums of money. But keeping quiet about trading sexual favors behind closed doors for massive amounts of money and lead roles in blockbuster movies isn’t in style anymore. So maybe that’s why this house isn’t selling. Maybe materialism has finally taken a backseat to morals. Actresses are standing up for themselves now that the secret is out. It only took several years and some settlements. Bravo for the bravery. 

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