Morrissey Defends His Men

November 23, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Maybe Morrissey is on drugs, he is a musician after all. And you definitely have to be on some substance to openly defend Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey right now. He’s making very bold statements claiming regret as the main motivator behind victims labeling these incidents as abuse. And then further sticking his foot in his mouth he stated 14-year-old boys should know what can happen when they’re in the bedrooms of adult men. I always wondered how was it possible to defend pedophilia but Morrissey already had the answer. 

The former Smiths frontman spoke about the ongoing sexual harassment scandal in Hollywood, reportedly calling claims against Spacey “ridiculous” and arguing that definitions of harassment and assault have become too broad.

“As far as I know, he was in a bedroom with a 14-year-old. Kevin Spacey was 26, boy 14. One wonders where the boy’s parents were,” he told Der Spiegel, according to a translation cited by AV Club

“One wonders if the boy did not know what would happen. I do not know about you, but in my youth I have never been in situations like this,” he continued. “Never. I was always aware of what could happen. When you are in somebody’s bedroom, you have to be aware of where that can lead to. That’s why it does not sound very credible to me. It seems to me that Spacey has been attacked unnecessarily.”
I believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty but Morrissey is in the corner of two rape hall of famers. One even taking his talents internationally. Especially when a good portion of your fan base looks like something Weinstein would be interested in offering non consensual sex to. He needs to start working on his PR apology. 14-year-olds don’t just slip and land on Kevin Spacey’s dick. There was some coercion added and consent left out of that equation. Morrissey should do himself a favor a remain a spectator on this one.

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