Tupac Fetching Highest Price For Dick Pic In History

December 8, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Women are unappreciative of what men have been offering for free for a while. The average woman has at the minimum at least three penis pics appreciating in value in her direct messages on social media. But unbeknownst to most women a well photographed phallus is actually art. The bid for a vintage Tupac dick pic starts at $7,500. This could be an excellent opportunity for a man who is questioning their sexuality and also looking to start an art collection. A polaroid of a celebrity dong that’s been dead for more than a few years is clearly something smart to invest in. The ex-girlfriend who is selling the photo wishes to remain unnamed for obvious reasons. 


The photo was taken in the middle of a 1990 house party in Marin County. We’re told Pac would frequently try to shock his pals by exposing his twig, berries and the vast surrounding shrubbery. Hey, it was a much different time.

This particular night … we’re told Pac’s gf at the time threatened to snap a photo if he didn’t cover up. Of course, he didn’t back down, and the d**k pic was born. 

We’re told the ex wants to privately sell it for $7,500. A rock ‘n’ roll auction house is accepting offers, but if she can’t get the asking price, the woman plans to let it go to the highest bidder.

Maybe this woman should have given Christie’s a call. If they were able to sell Salvator Mundi to a Saudi Prince for $450 million then she should be able to fetch a bigger cut than seven grand. But this situation has the feel of someone that’s desperate for a quick Christmas cash grab. If you were able to not sell such a salacious photo for 27 years why not shop the photo around for a better price. Some tabloid would have at least doubled that amount without the consignment fee.  

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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