Blind Item: A-List Singer About To Be Dropped By Record Label

January 19, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

This might not be the juiciest Blind Item ever – at least not compared to James Marsden possibly getting worn like a sock puppet – but pretty much any singer that fits today’s description is horrible, and the news of oh, IDK, Katy Perry getting dropped from her record label splashed across headlines could just make me cream my pants. My first guesses were obviously Perry and Lady Gaga, but the “partying” gets in the way because I can’t imagine Perry or Gaga have any friends. Also the “popularity.” I poked around Selena Gomez’s Billboard résumé and she actually hasn’t done so hot, and her four random singles in 2017 weren’t released on an official album. But someone else said Lana Del Rey, and basically, please let it be Katy Perry:


Speaking of singers, this A list singer, who is probably headed towards permanent A list status soon is in real danger of getting dropped by her record company. Despite her popularity, no one is buying her records. Her most recent one was a bomb. She spent way too much time partying and traveling the globe and the results show it.


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