Father Of Abused Gymnasts Lashes Out At Coach, Should Probably Kill Himself (VIDEO)

February 2, 2018 | News | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

The jig is up for Larry Nassar, the USA gymnastics coach who fingered dozens of underage girls – some as young as six-years-old – while assuring them that the practice was part of their treatment, and he will surely be sentenced to many years of his own physicals in prison at the hands of a guy named Tank. But Nassar’s more immediate punishment recently came from a father of three of the abused gymnasts, Randall Margraves, who attempted to attack Nassar in court after hearing testimonials from two of his daughters. Security guards intervened before Margraves could get his hands on the former coach, but Nassar got at least a taste of the hospitality he’s sure to expect in the clinker.

Nassar’s crime is clear-cut – he’s a disgusting entitled amoral predator who got his rocks off at the expense of at least sixty girls’ childhoods – but Margraves can go ahead as sit his dramatic ass down, because I don’t believe for a second that a parent wouldn’t know that his kids were getting sexually assaulted. And even if he truly didn’t know about the damage Nassar was inflicting on his daughters, Margraves thought the best possible future for his kids was pouring them into skin-tight leotards and placing them in the care of a man who chose to work intimately with little girls in closed-off rooms for a living? Fuck Margraves. The situation is like Toddlers and Tiaras mixed with the Catholic church mixed with a Cub Scout master named Jimmi with an i, and I hope when Margraves closes his eyes and pictures Nassar finger blasting his innocent young girls, that deep down inside he knows that he put them in that vulnerable position, and that he understands that he’s projecting the rage he feels towards his own neglect onto Nassar. And I hope he fucking kills himself. Happy Friday.


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