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Body shaming isn’t really our thing, because this is 2018 and you people seriously need to wake up and understand that all shapes and sizes are beautiful and sexy. With that said, Kourtney Kardashian looks like freaking E.T. in her new Instagram picture. That’s not a dig, I’m just identifying her shape.

Years of hooking around the clock earned the Jenndashians enough money to purchase as many Instagram bot followers as they desired, and as a result, this blasé picture of an old mom best known for being the sister of an adult entertainer and the daughter of a sex trafficker has already garnered just under two million likes. That’s equivalent to the entire population of a large US city not only seeing the image of E.T. sprawled out on a random beach, but also taking the time to “heart” it.

In the past few years Kourtney had the foresight to adjust her gum to teeth ration to humanoid proportions and obviously doesn’t technically have a bad body (if you want to bang aliens) but still, who here couldn’t go out and find a dozen hotter people in the next thirty minutes if they had to? If only I was a bot follower, I might be able to see the beauty in Kourtney.

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