Chrissy Teigen Combats Wasp H8ers By Posting Breastfeeding Pic

July 27, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments


Chrissy Teigen’s recorded attempt to kill her daughter with a dangerous tarantula hawk spider wasp didn’t go over as well as she had hoped for, and as such, Teigen found herself in unfamiliar territory – her clap back at the h8ers (criticizing her for the video) was met with skepticism. As a quirky and candid crusader for women and cellulite and stretch marks and titties and tampons, Teigen usually makes it out ahead in the media when she comes for those h8ers, but no one was really able to defend her quirky and candid child endangerment.

As of today, however, it’s like Teigen was never desperately eliciting attention by asking her daughter to kiss a wasp in the first place, because Teigen’s fallen back on her M.O. – a tried and trie baby titty sucking pic posted to her Instagram Story. When a celeb hooks baby lips up to her nips, it’s like time and the Earth stand still for the media. By photographing the momentous event, celebs are bravely doing something. And while I’m not quite sure what exactly that something is, but God, Chrissy’s doing it in this pic. In reality, this all seems like a gaslighting attempt. “Our vacation in Bali has been fun. I didn’t do something stupid and tragic with a bug. Babies. Boobies. Milk. Moms. Nipples. You’re getting sleepy. Tarantula hawk spider wasp. Oh shit.”

Head HERE for the NSFW-ish (nip present) breastfeeding pic

Photo Credit: Instagram

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