Beast Kardashian Defends Botched Anus Lips As “Pregnancy Lips”

August 8, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments


Now if she could just explain away the rest of funhouse body. The Jenndashians are so delusional that Keeping Up With The Prostitutes – which recently kicked off its fifteenth season on E! – would serve better as a Psychology 101 educational video about pathological lying. But enough people buy into their crap to make it all work. This week, the sisters have been feuding on social media about fake drama aired on the new episode of KUWTP – which was filmed months ago. People with brains know this timeline doesn’t make sense. Thankfully for E!, this is not a demographic they have to contend with.

While I don’t plan on covering the Jenndashian drama aired during this season of KUWTP – unless, as always, one of them kills another one – it’s always fun when one of them is faced with seeing the reality of her Tijuana Groupon plastic surgery on the HD small screen after a season of filming. Last year Kim Kardashian couldn’t face the fact that she looked like a centaur filled with marbles.

This year, Beast Kardashian refuses to believe that her exploded anus lips are something under her control. She took to her Instagram Story to state that we’re witnessing her “pregnancy lips” which are a known symptom of being pregnant. You know. Pregnancy lips. That old chestnut. Not a quarter pound of ass fat injected into her face. Pregnancy lips. You’ve seen the pics of your mom when she was pregnant with you, and her face looked like Amanda Lepore’s. Ya. Pregnancy lips…


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