Beast Kardashian’s Ass Looks Insane In New Paparazzi Pic

August 17, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments


Anyone suffering for those dreaded four-hour-or-longer boners after ODing on Viagra is in luck, because after seeing Beast Kardashian’s misshapen botched shelf ass, not only will your boner subside, but your dick will shrivel up and fall off entirely. No muss, no fuss, no penis. Candids are a Jenndashian’s worst nightmare, because their look depends on carefully-considered photo angles – taken during sweet spots in between visits to Groupon Tiquana basement plastic surgeons. Lest we forget.

Beast’s ass in this new pic taken during her vacation in Mexico either has some settling to do, or she got pregnant from anal. The fact that we’re being told this is hot is a sign that hyperreality has officially superseded reality. Snowman-proportioned bodies are here to stay. To paraphrase the popular song – Do you want to fuck a snowman? LEST WE FORGET.

Head HERE for the exclusive NSFEyeballs Pic

Photo Credit: All The Sexiest Kardashians and Jenners from Instagram / Backgrid USA / Getty Images 

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