Bella Thorne Looking Like A Snack

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That’s been left in the garbage for ten years. I accidentally watched fifteen minutes of a Bella Thorne movie, You Get Me, this weekend on Netflix, and she actually wasn’t that bad. It’s like, what can’t she do? AIDS under a microscope Thorne has been so busy taking the music world by storm that it’s easy to forget her roots are in the cinematic arts. When she’s not acting or crafting potent lyrics “Oh yeah, don’t check your text, we gon’ have a fuck fest,” for her song Pussy Wet, Thorne is kind of modeling, which brings us to her recent Insta herp fun. And you thought we were done with Bella.

Thorne has been hanging out a lot with her equally regal Acne Town USA sister Dani Thorne, and the two recently strutted their oddly hot sinewy bodies down the streets of New York City. The shots look like they could be from an 80’s photo essay about HIV positive trans sex workers. When you can’t distinguish whether something is a mole, a bruise, or a lesion on a chick’s body, you’ve got yourself a Thorne.



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It was a rough day for the taxi driver

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