Blind Item: New Cookbook Not Written By Celeb

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happy birthday, you perfect little book you!!! #CRAVINGS2 is OUT!!

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While Chrissy Teigen looks like she knows her way around a kitchen, she doesn’t act like she knows how to write. Which makes her a perfect candidate for this Blind Item. Teigen just released her second cookbook, Craving: Hungry For More, which, according to the official blurb, offers “…more of her signature wit and take-no-prisoners flavor bombs.” Garnish with a deadly wasp and then shove your daughter’s face in it. Voila! Dead kid soufflĂ©. Quality stuff.

Of course any celebrity who’s so much as unpeeled a banana considers herself worthy of penning a cookbook, so this could be one of those “anybody” things. Meghan Markle just helped with a charity cookbook. But she has a leg up over Teigen as she isn’t handicapped, and seems like she’s at least somewhat discerning as to what she puts in her mouth. So, Teigen?


Everyone knows there are ghostwriters for sings or books, but no one ever stops to think there are ghostwriters for cookbooks too. I know she talks a good game, but 95% of the new book was bought and paid for from someone else.


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