Blind Item: Former Disney Actress Drug Deal Blasted Through Speakers At Club

October 6, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments


Everything about this Blind Item screams Selena Gomez, but people out there seem to think that the trashy level of this Bluetooth speaker-broadcast drug deal is hitting Bella Thorne heights. We know from her chart-topping hits like Pussy Mine that she thinks she’s some sort of musician, and we know from her skin that she does a lot of drugs. But we also know that Selena Gomez fits the “future porn star” requirement. These just keep getting tougher.


Our favorite former Disney actress turned meh adult actress/future porn star should be more careful about her Bluetooth, especially when she is DJ’ing and her phone calls go right through to the speakers and everyone hears her place her drug orders and delivery instructions. She didn’t seem to care, but the dealers risking jail might.


H/T: Crazydaysandnights

Photo Credit: Instagram

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