you can nail one of tigers whores for $600

December 12, 2009 | celebrity | editor| 0 Comments

The big update in all the Tiger Woods news is that, not only was he sleeping with whoever he could pick up in clubs, but he was paying for prostitutes as well, sometimes two at a time. This according... READ MORE

holly sampson on may 26th: “i f*cked tiger woods.”

December 10, 2009 | celebrity | editor| 0 Comments

Back in May, porn star and Tiger Woods side piece Holly Sampson did an internet interview, and you can forget about any coy allusions to sex with this one, because when asked if she’d ever had sex with someone... READ MORE

tiger woods is a homewrecker

December 9, 2009 | crowd favorites | editor| 0 Comments

One of the whores that Tiger Woods was allegedly cheating with was porn star Holly Sampson. Considering her name was prefaced by “porn star”, you may find this hard to believe, but now some guy is claiming his marriage... READ MORE

tiger had sex with a porn star

December 8, 2009 | bikini | editor| 0 Comments

The Tiger Woods sex scandal has been amazing for the sheer numbers so far if nothing else, but there hasn’t really been anything pornographic about it yet. Thankfully the Daily Mail stepped right up and took care of that.... READ MORE



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