Adam Corolla Outs the Gay Mafia

Adam Corolla took the brave and utterly useless step of being the latest person in Hollywood to come out and state there is a gay mafia that controls a good deal of territory in this town. Seeing as this was sort of news ten to twenty years ago, his statements naturally... read more

Adam Carolla destroys Occupy (not literally)

Adam Carolla got where he is today because his dad owned dozens of radio stations across the country and gave him his job hosting 'Loveline'. Oh, wait, no he didn't, his life was shit and he worked to get everything he's ever had. So try and guess how he feels about the... read more

Adam Carolla doesn't care about transgendered people

TMZ says that Adam Carolla went on a, "SHOCKING anti-LGBT tirade last week", and it must have been shocking or else they wouldn't have capitalized SHOCKING. Everyone brace yourself for the SHOCK-edness! (Carolla said) "When did we start giving a sh*t about these... read more


I'm super out of it today, but to make up for it I have some free stuff.  As a powerful Hollywood celebrity, I get asked to do giveaways and promotions all the time but they usually suck, and participating would go against my inherent sense of laziness, so I never do... read more