Eminem Is Pissing People Off Again And Shit Around The Web

Hey! It's fifteen years ago and Slim Shady is pissing people off. In a new song he says he wants to punch Lana Del Rey like Ray Rice did to his wife and people are in a tizzy about it because it's controversial and dangerous talk and not at all designed to garner media attention and sell records. Read about Marshall acting up again. (Dlisted) Matt Damon talks about the beauty of Ben Affleck's cock. (TMZ) Allison...read more

Eminem's Daughter Crowned Homecoming Queen

All I really know about Hailie I learned from Eminem rap songs about wanting to kill her mom, or his own mom, or do something violent to somebody in honor of Hailie. I just wanted to find Hailie and hug her and tell her that her little angry father was just speaking his peace, grabbing his dick, and making a boatload of dollars that she'd someday inherit. Turns out Hailie's doing okay. Her mom's still un-killed, her...read more

Eminem Calls Khloe the Ugly Kardashian in New Single

Talk about piling on. Just when Khloe Kardashian is pushed to the limit on her limited IQ saintly caring for her maybe or maybe not drug addicted husband, Eminem comes along and drops this verse in his new single, Berserk: "They say that love is as powerful as cough syrup and Styrofoam. All I know is I fell asleep and woke up in that Monte Carlo with the ugly Kardashian. I don't know if Khloe should be more offended...read more

Tuesday afternoon headlines

EMINEM - has cast porn star Sasha Grey to star in his video for Space Bound. If there's not a lyric about his semen being "face bound", now would be the time to add it. (the sun) ALYSSA MILANO - is pregnant for the first time, with her husband Dave Bugliari, an agent at CAA. I bet this guy wishes he'd heard that "face bound" lyric from the Eminem song. Would have saved him a lot of trouble. (people) ROSIE O'DONNELL -...read more

wednesday headlines

LARRY KING - announced his retirement last night and 'Americas Got Talent' judge Piers Morgan could sign a deal to replace him as early as today. King had no comment about Morgan because CNN had already pushed him down the stairs and locked the door behind him. (radar) WONDER WOMAN - has a new costume and her slutty bodysuit has been replaced with pants and a jacket. The new writer also wanted to, "give her breast...read more

hahaha, you suck chris brown

I don't mean to get all PC on everyone but I don't think you should hold women prisoner in your car and then punch them in the face 50 times. Maybe I'm old fashioned and can't relate to todays young people, but I think that's wrong. So I was angry when Chris Brown did this to Rihanna and yet never spent one day in jail (hey where did this take place again? was it LA? oh gee there's a fuckin surprise). But, if he...read more

morning headlines

VICTORIA BECKHAM - went to Barneys in Beverly Hills to buy a cheerleader outfit to wear for her husband. This is the only bad thing about Posh. She's married to David Beckham. How the hell do you follow that dude? She might as well be married to Batman. (the sun) BAD BOYS 3 - 14 years after the original and 6 after the sequel, Columbia Pictures has hired a writer for 'Bad Boys 3'. Michael Bay, Jerry Bruckheimer, Will...read more

Eminem was in on it

Scott Aukerman was the head writer at Sunday nights MTV Movie Awards, and while not thinking up uncomfortably awful jokes, he wrote on his blog that Eminem was fully in on the joke with Bruno, and it went down exactly as planned. The Sun UK says... But Scott insists Eminem was in on the prank - and agreed to have Bruno's naked rear just inches from his face. He wrote on his blog: "Yes, the Bruno/Eminem incident was...read more

Bruno vs Eminem, part 4

Still no definitive answer as to whether Eminem knew Sacha Barron Cohen was going to 69 him on TV last night, but E! now has what is probably the most likely scenario… (Eminem) was aware that Brüno would be falling on him—but not while wearing a butt-baring thong. And though Eminem stormed out of the Gibson Amphitheatre, the hip-hop star didn't leave; he hung out in his trailer until the show was nearly done. Life and...read more

It was staged! Or maybe not!

The LA Times makes some alarmingly stupid points to "prove" that Eminem was in on the joke last night when Bruno dropped into his lap at the MTV Movie Awards. Namely... 1. "It can't be a coincidence that the two forces met and cameras were poised to catch it perfectly on TV." No it's not a coincidence. It's a TV show. That's how they work. They point cameras at events as they happen to "catch" them. 2. "Furthermore,...read more

Eminem looks happy - update

Unless he magically learned how to act overnight, it would seem Eminem was not in on this joke. But it shouldn't be a problem. If there's one thing I know about the rap community, it's that they love a good joke. They love to laugh, those guys. Especially if the joke is at their expense, in front of lots of lots of people. It's cool. "Live and let live" is a saying you hear a lot in the rap world. UPDATE - The new...read more

Bruno and Eminem at MTV Movie

If Eminem wasn't in on this joke, the next time we see Sacha Cohen he'll probably have lost a lot of weight. Running for your life is pretty good exercise, I bet.read more

new eminem has leaked

“Relapse”, the sixth album from Eminem, isn’t due until May 17th (followed later in the year by “Relapse 2”), and the first single won’t be released until next Tuesday, but, blah blah blah, you can hear it right here, courtesy of the Sun UK. Oh, but please don’t think that this story isn’t also Lindsay related. It’s Lindsay Lohan Day!Em also lays into LINDSAY LOHAN'S on-off girlfriend SAM RONSON.He raps: “Lindsay...read more


A track that may or may not be a part of the new Eminem album "Relapse" has leaked today, and I don't know if it's still cool to like Eminem, but I like it anyway. I can't worry about what the cool kids are doing anymore. I can't just wear what Calista Flockhart and Morgan Freeman are wearing because it's the new thing. I'm not gonna drink Pepsi just because that's whats goin on in the clubs. My mom and I agree, I'm...read more


The National Enquirer has an article this week about how fat Eminem has gotten lately, saying depression has led to binge eating at Taco Bell and Outback. And the included picture seems to be all the proof they need. They say hes 5’7" and damn near200 pounds, and has become a bit of a recluse because he's embarrassed. The good news is he's found new hobbies to occupy his time, the bad news is theyincludeasking if...read more