Michael Strahan Upset Over A-Rod Outshining Him

July 23, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf| 0 Comments

One of the last people that I would expect to seek a sex change is a former NFL defensive end. But then again, Bruce was an Olympian, so there’s really no such thing as being too manly to ever... READ MORE

TV People Are Truly Horrible Mannequins (VIDEO)

March 12, 2014 | WTF | Lex Jurgen| 0 Comments

) I despise TV people. The morning mannequins rank somewhere between hyper-aggressive pedophiles and the Kardashians in terms of people we need to rocket to the moon several decades ahead of any life-sustaining technologies. Here’s this innocent kid ‘Colin’.... READ MORE

Stacy Keibler Said ‘Shit’ On Good Morning America (VIDEO)

July 18, 2013 | video | editor| 0 Comments

Stacy Keibler was a guest on Good Morning America Tuesday, in the wake of George Clooney adding her name to his list of ridiculously hot ex-girlfriends. During a segment in which she wore a blindfold and put random things... READ MORE


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