Karen Elson Takes Out A Restraining Order On Ex-Husband Jack White

I knew shit was up when Jack White agreed to have a divorce party with Karen Elson when they called it quits two years ago. There's no single sign of shit boiling below the surface than an amicable breakup. Marriages are designed to end in either death or bitterness, both if there's a weapon in the house. When couples bust up as friends, the demons never get properly expunged. There's no finality. There's only forced...read more

Headlines, with the benevolent Sacha Baron Cohen

TRACY MORGAN - has now apologized for his remarks about gay people that he made in concert on June 3rd. That he's apologizing now, after the story broke, and not when he said this stuff 7 days ago can only mean that he really wanted to get the apology just right. (the ap) JACK WHITE - and his wife are throwing a party to celebrate their 6th anniversary, AND to announce their divorce. It just made better financial...read more


The Jack White and Alicia Keys song for the next James Bond movie finally has a video, and it's way way worse than you could have ever imagined. Jack White is awesome, but Alicia Keys is ridiculously out of place. Her voice is way too small for this. If her voice her was big as her ass, we'd be all set.read more


The song written by Jack White as the theme for the next James Bond movie has made its debut as the instrumental theme of a new Coke Zero ad. White isn't happy about people hearing his work for the first time in a commercial (even though hes done a Coke ad before) butthe song is good so who cares. And at least crackhead Amy Winehouse got dumped in time for him to do something. I think three minutes of her mumbling,...read more