University Of Tennessee Not Hiring Jerry Sandusky's Boy Wrangler Greg Schiano

As with the Harvey Weinstein scandal, it's difficult to believe perpetrators' inner circles are unaware of abuse. Especially since instead of assaulting his victims in private hotel rooms like a baller, Sandusky was soaping up boys in locker rooms accessible to a number... read more

Jerry Sandusky's Son a Chip Off the Old Block

Apparently rape and pedophilia runs in the family when you're a Sandusky. It looks like Jeffrey Sandusky was attempted to beat his dad's record when he pleaded guilty to 12 felony counts related to child sex abuse. Like father like son. read more

Penn State President Out in the Cold

The guy who ran the University where Jerry Sandusky used to insist on cleaning young boys inside and out in the showers is the last man standing in prosecution of conspiracy to hide kid rape.  read more

Jerry Sandusky's Son Arrested For Sexual Assault on a Child and Kiddy Porn

Open your genetics research notebooks and jot this day down. Jeffrey Sandusky, son of infamous raping-boys-in-the-Penn-State showers former football coach Jerry Sandusky, has been arrested for diddling the kid of a woman he was dating.  read more

Joe Paterno Gets His Wins Back

A couple years back the NCAA declared that all the Penn State wins during the time Jerry Sandusky was boning young boys in the showers were null and void. It's pretty easy to see how a coordinator raping kids means those touchdowns didn't count on Saturday. It's unclear... read more

Joe Paterno has lung cancer

Joe Paternos son announced today that Paterno has a treatable form of lung cancer. Paterno, who is 84, is undergoing treatment and his son said "doctors are optimistic he will make a full recovery." He also joked that "this is why dad couldn't blow the whistle on... read more

EA Sports gives solid advice

If you play Penn State vs Ohio State on ‘NCAA 12', the headline for the preview says, "Hide the Children". If you don't and Penn State wins, you unlock an achievement that lets you make love to a little boy in the shower. I really feel like this game should have been... read more

South Park ripped Penn State (video)

'South Park' creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have said that one huge advantage animation has over live action is that you can get things done much faster. It lets them be more topical. Like last nights episode about Kenny and Cartman going to a foster home when they... read more

Joe Paterno sold his house to his wife for $1

When the Jerry Sandusky scandal first broke, Joe Paterno said, "If true, the nature and amount of charges made are very shocking to me and all Penn Staters," and, "If this is true we were all fooled." Oh that poor man! Sandusky fooled him! Paterno had no idea any of this... read more

Jerry Sanduskys lawyer is a pedophile too

If you watched Jerry Sanduskys interview on NBC last night, then you saw his attorney, Joe Amendola. His first job in defending his client will be to put aside any personal feelings he may have about an adult having sex with a minor. Because he's into that too, and he... read more

the Jerry Sandusky interview (full video)

As if he wasn't smug enough already, Bob Costas somehow got a phone interview with Jerry Sandusky that aired last night on NBCs 'Rock Center', and despite being a pompous jackass he actually did a really good job. Especially at getting Sandusky to creep everyone the... read more

Jerry Sandusky has an interview on NBC tonight

NBC has sent out a press release saying Jerry Sandusky admitted to showering and "horsing around" with young boys but denied that he is a pedophile in an interview that will air on 'Rock Center' tonight at 10 pm/9 CT. "I say that I am innocent of those charges," said... read more