Amber Rose's Feminism Stops At Free Money

Amber Rose doesn't need a man around and she's perfectly happy having anonymous casual sex while getting herpes in the name of feminism and also she's just kind of a whore. That's something to be proud of in today's America. It used to be graduating college. There's no such thing as a more

Yeezy Ass-Gate Is Over

If you're ever in battle with Kanye West, go forthwith to the anal play charges. Chink in armor noted, rapping Smaug. The master of ego-centric promotion and legend in his own time mythology folded like a very gay deck of cards in his battle with Wiz Khalifia and by extension Amber Rose the minute the latter mentioned Kanye's proclivity for bottom play in the bedroom. Fingers up the butt was the opening more

Kanye Should've Watched More Film

Kanye went on Twitter and calledAmber Rose a stripper whore and mocked Khalifa for making a baby with her. Kanye routinelycalls out Amber Rose for being nasty, with zero nod to how he fucked that nasty for two years other than stating that he 'had to take 30 showers' after to get clean.If only somebody would've told Eazy-E the shower trick. Amber Rose is the proverbial dog that's been beat to much. She looks forward...

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Wiz Khalifa Seems Sharp (VIDEO)

A video posted by Wiz Khalifa (@mistercap) on Aug 22, 2015 at 5:36pm PDT Wiz Khalifa sealed his fate when he picked a stupid rap name. There's an art to making up names for yourself. Khalifa is not an artist. He made a baby with Amber Rose which is only going to get harder to rationalize as each year passes and she looks more like a Jersey City tow operator. Now cops at LAX arrested Khalifa for trying to go through...

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Amber Rose Caves

This story is a primer for why women are smarter and savvierthan men, but dudes still run the universe and the oil and natural gas industries. After months of nasty social media blows against her baby daddy Wiz Khalifa for fucking everything that moved while they were together, Amber Rose posted a picture of the two of them kissing like porn stars with a long form teen girl please take me back love letter attached. My...

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Rappers Still Like To Smoke

The peopleat commissioned a groundbreaking study where they analyze which celebrities' Instagram photos show drugs or booze most often. The rehab racket is a growingindustry and lucrative enough to afford them the time to dothis kind of shit. Snoop Dogg posts the most photos of any celebrity on Instagram coming in at 9,500 through September of last year. That's more than Kim Kardashian Justin...

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Wiz Khalifa Made a Sex Tape With This Innocent Lamb

Our occasionally prescient editor Lex once noted that the Howe Twins came to the U.S. looking to fuck their way to fame. Bingo. Wiz Khalifa shot a mature audiences videowith Carla Howe and according to TMZ, Howe was shopping the results of the on-camera banging to Vivid for six-figures. Howe denied she was the one tried to hawk the spooge fest via Twitter, which is America's official courtroom for really dumb people....

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Jas and Ness Rose Are Seeking Opportunity

I get the instinct to fuck your way famous in Hollywood. If you're reasonably attractive and can squeal in the sack, it's a short cut through all the other forms of pseudo prostitution the ugly people must endure. Jas and Ness Rose, the street fashion designing twins who jointly sister banged Wiz Khalifa out of his marriage to Amber Rose are working their Instagram account for maximum vagina recognition. Social media...

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Wiz Khalifa Went Out With a Bang

Amber Rose reportedly walked in on Wiz Khalifa banging twin sistersin their house, which was against their marital vows or something. This is according to DJ Peter Rosenberg, who claims Rose is a friend of his and also acknowledges being a bitchy little gossip queen. Rosenberg says Khalifa's people spun the story a different way to make him seem less at fault. Those reps should have factored in the street points...

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Amber Rose Divorces Wiz Khalifa

Ah, damn, if these two wonderful kids couldn't make it past a year and one illegitimate child. For Amber Rose, being a multi-rapper plundered woman with a baby and the face of a Dutch boy painting, she'll come up, fuck, roses. But Whiz Khalifa, I expect this to hit him the hardest. Not quite so bad as losing your reefer connect or a member of your traveling squad posse or your merch manager or public relations lead or...

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Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose Are in Love

Whiz Khalifa, real name Cameron, which is why he changed it to Whiz Khalifa, sucked the tongue out of his new baby mama Amber Rose at the BET Awards. I guess when the paparazzi asked Whiz to kiss his beautiful wife, or whatever she is, the both of them started getting hot and heavy for the cameras. If I'm the event organizer, I'm just glad Amber didn't drop to her knees and start unbuckling his pants begging for daddy...

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