Wednesday morning headlines

June 10, 2009 | beach | editor | 0 Comments

KENDRA WILKINSON –  has confirmed to E! that she’s pregnant.  Which sucks.  I should have been told in person.  The father has rights too!  (source = e! online)

IRON MAN 2 – The first picture of Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2 has been released. Rourke plays Whiplash, and he has a suit sort of like Iron Mans, except he adds whips and takes away any protection whatsoever.  He’s unstoppable, unless he were to run into the real Iron Man, or any normal police officer with a gun, or anyone with the flu.  (source = USA Today)

KELLY BROOK – a few of these pictures we’re on here Monday, but most are new, they’re all better quality and there’s now 100 percent more naked breast (BAM).  These of course are from the set of Piranha 3D.   I don’t like when horror movies do this kind of thing, because I end up with an erection while someone gets ripped apart.   There’s no way that’s mentally healthy.  (hq jump = here)

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