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By brendon September 14, 2009 @ 6:32 PM


KANYE WEST – has apologized to Taylor Swift again but tonight he can do it on TV because he’s a guest on the new Jay Leno show. Kanye is only scheduled as a musical guest, but it would be hard to not mention last night. Of course Kanye will probably take the microphone and yell at everyone so Jays questions won’t really matter anyway. (ap)

WHITNEY HOUSTON – tells Oprah that Bobby Brown once spit in her face. No one likes a tattle-tale Whitney. (ny daily news)

BRITNEY SPEARS – saw a male model named Bekim Trenova in a magazine and decided he should be her boyfriend, so she faked an audition for one of her videos. When he arrived there was no camera crew, just Britney. “But Bekim found the whole thing ‘weird’ and made a polite but excuse ridden escape.” That’s why my fake production office is surrounded by a wall of fire. (ny daily news)

JAYDE NICOLE – Hef may be (is) 1900 years old, but his penises decision making is mint condition. Jayde Nicole is awesome, like a discount Megan Fox, and this months Playmate (Kimberly Phillips – nsfw pic and centerfold) is even hotter. Point being, Jayde hit Miami Beach today with her family but without her dumbass boyfriend. In fact they haven’t been together in almost a week. Don’t worry Jayde, I get the message. Loud and clear. You want me to kill Brody Jenner. I’m way ahead of you.
(10 more pictures here. hq jump here. source = splash news online)

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    yfjcw0 09/14/2009 18:33


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    Rokan 09/14/2009 18:39

    You’re fucking kidding me that she has “respect” tattooed over her pooter.

    What does it say over her asshole, “Free Parking?”

    On a related note . . .
    Oh my Fucking God!!!

    I swear I can taste her pussy right through the monitor.

  3. avatar
    toresen 09/14/2009 18:44

    respect the cum target

  4. avatar
    TheOverrated 09/14/2009 18:46

    id hit that

  5. avatar
    SCUM 09/14/2009 18:47

    I have a Quagmaire tattoo above my junk, RESPECT.

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    helenlove 09/14/2009 19:07

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    Woodsman 09/14/2009 19:11

    nice. I checked out the centerfold shot – I did NOT see her when out mountain-biking on my buddy’s stag. Dammit. Instead, he flipped his bike 30 feet into his first ride and (it turned out later) he dislocated his shoulder. I feel pretty bad about how hard we laughed.

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    Stewie 09/14/2009 19:12

    Fucky you helenlove and your fucking gay post. And I’m sick of this Kanye bull shit already….doesn’t he know country fans = gun fans….that “boy” is going to get lynced the next time he steps in the land of cotton outside of Atlanta.

    And I’d respect that hot twat all night.

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    Mumbles McGinty 09/14/2009 19:15

    “shakes off 2 day binge”
    Whats happening people? Did I miss anything.

  10. avatar
    Woodsman 09/14/2009 19:17

    Mumbles: were you at the stag too? Sorry I am pretty fuzzy on everything after ~8pm saturday. Felt like death this morning.

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    Admiral 09/14/2009 19:26

    Whoa, I’m liking the wide hips and thin waist. Unfortunately I live in America where 75% of the population is either obese or morbidly obese. An hour-glass figure is rare enough to keep as a prize chained up in the basement. Um, that joke took a wrong turn somewhere.

  12. avatar
    Rokan 09/14/2009 19:30

    I was not at the stag, but I did go canoeing with a Norco and bottle of Jack in my belly.

    Was Pepper at the stag too?

  13. avatar
    Mumbles McGinty 09/14/2009 19:36

    Woods, no not at the stag, live down under. Just spent the weekend hanging at my place on the beach drinking and bbqing …

    WTF is this shit about Kanye whoever … fucking oxygen thief.

  14. avatar
    Rokan 09/14/2009 19:51


    Is it 9:51am Tuesday there?

  15. avatar
    Mumbles McGinty 09/14/2009 20:01

    Correct Rokan …. and a beautiful cloudless sky at that.

  16. avatar
    Shiss 09/14/2009 20:04

    Maybe she figures that she needs to remind the guys that are staring at her crotch to respect her tits also. Whatever. I hate the guy that got to put the tattoo there. If it had been me doing the tat, I’d have stretched it out over a week and taken some pictures of it after I was done. For T-shirts and business cards…

  17. avatar
    Rokan 09/14/2009 20:20

    Your observation of how lucky the tattoo artist was is very perceptive.

    At the very least, he got to smell her twat.

    Mumbles, that was a wild guess.

    You’ve got a lot of nerve living where its tomorrow.

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    Observer 09/14/2009 20:29

    WHITNEY HOUSTON…. tells Oprah that Bobby Brown once spit in her face. No one likes a tattle-tale Whitney.

    Raise your hand if you could have sworn Bobby Brown was a swallower……

  19. avatar
    Mumbles McGinty 09/14/2009 20:30

    Rokan tell me about it, every fucking day I wake up a day in advance …sheesh enough to make ya drink.

    Judging by the previous posts, appears that “looks around” your NFL season has commenced? Suppose we will now get a continuous commentary from diehards on everything NFL..

  20. avatar
    Zombie 09/14/2009 20:40

    I myself only break out the NFL commentary when the threads get slow and boring… which happens to be more and more often lately, so I guess you’ll just have to get the fuck over it Mumbles.

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