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By brendon May 13, 2010 @ 6:58 PM


BRITNEY SPEARS and HALLE BERRY - are just two of the big names who endorse perfumes filled with a toxic combination of chemicals that may cause sperm damage and cancer among other things. I don’t know what the other things are, but since the first two things extinguish your blood line and then murder you, they’re probably pretty irrelevant. (rwg)

LINDSAY LOHAN - won’t be one of the big stars at this years Cannes film festival because no one will sponsor her trip and she’s too broke to pay for it herself. If I were a porn producer with a bunch of coke in France, I’d be fedex’ing out plane tickets immediately. (page six)

GIRLS WRITING - wwtdd on themselves is my new favorite sport. In this case it’s Erica, who wants everyone to vote for her in a Anime Festival’s Maid Cafe Contest. And I know what you’re thinking. Yes. Those 5 words are almost completely unrelated. I know. But I read that email like 10 times, I swear to God that’s what it said. (youtube)

SHAUNA SAND and TAYLOR WANE - hung out on South Beach in bikinis today, but it’s probably best for everyone if we agree to pretend that they didn’t. (inf daily)

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    duckbutter 05/13/2010 19:00

    what the fuck

  2. avatar
    CrappyCar 05/13/2010 19:08


  3. avatar
    TLS 05/13/2010 19:15

    If you click the Youtube link, turn your fucking sound off.

  4. avatar
    TLS 05/13/2010 19:16

    … and skip to 3:33

  5. avatar
    Watt 05/13/2010 19:19

    herp derp.

    I should write WWTDD on my dick and email it to brend0n and see if he posts it…

  6. avatar
    CrappyCar 05/13/2010 19:21

    TLS – still a waste of time. I get more cleave action walking around at work. Bless you ladies.

  7. avatar
    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 05/13/2010 19:22

    “SHAUNA SAND and TAYLOR WANE – hung out on South Beach in bikinis today, but it’s probably best for everyone if we agree to pretend that they didn’t. ” but then go and post 29 pics of her???????? yeah, if we are all to agree, its starts with you fukko.

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    Soup Sandwich 05/13/2010 19:30

    Why would you link to some hippy website about how nature is aweome and everything manmade sucks and can kill you.

    And SS will always be okay by me–any bitch that knows enough of her place in the world to take a load on her face is a true woman.

  9. avatar
    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 05/13/2010 19:33

    Fuck Shauna Sands. I hope her disgusting implants pop, leak, and poison her causing a slow and extremely painful death. DIE BITCH DIE!

  10. avatar
    pepper 05/13/2010 19:34

    Duckbutter..where have you been?

  11. avatar
    Steffabulous 05/13/2010 19:35

    i tell you, that medium sized arm with the permanent marker strewn vertically, really turns my crank! And britney spears perfume? How did they capture the aroma of child neglect and forecoming type 2 diabetes?

  12. avatar
    pepper 05/13/2010 19:37

    Steff….If I wanted to smell Brit Brit, I would just buy a bag of Cheetos……a lot cheaper…..

  13. avatar
    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 05/13/2010 19:38

    i’ve made it a point to vote against any whore that Br3ndon plugs here for the various whore competitions on the internet. Just out of principle. There are principalities involved.

  14. avatar
    Steffabulous 05/13/2010 19:39

    Mountain Dew and the dirty interior of a smoky car after a road trip. Sticky. Hairspray.

  15. avatar
    RedRage 05/13/2010 19:56

    TLS, if I walked into the room where they took the picture in your avi, I’d whip my dick out so fast It’d create a contrail.

  16. avatar
    Race Bannon 05/13/2010 20:01

    Since when are big botox induced fish lips and nasty half-assed tit jobs considered attractive?

  17. avatar
    Race Bannon 05/13/2010 20:26

    I’ll wait, damn it.

  18. avatar
    Woodsman 05/13/2010 20:28

    I skipped happy hour for this?

    Steff: Is that the Little Steff Riding Hood get up?

  19. avatar
    Woodsman 05/13/2010 20:30

    Race: yes, apparently

  20. avatar
    Steffabulous 05/13/2010 20:32

    that was a lighting guy’s sweater. It probably hit somewhere around my ankles. skulking around like a hooded, mystical creature i was.

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