Olivia Munn in a bikini on a jet ski for Carls Jr.

By brendon April 28, 2011 @ 4:36 PM


Carls Jr. has once again made a commercial with a B-list star in a bikini (behind the scenes video under the cut), this time with Oliva Munn following in the unsteady footsteps of Paris Hilton and Audrina Patridge. These are such honest ads. Carls Jr. isn’t that great and neither are their models. It’s like a list of things you might consider if you were drunk.

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    i hate you 04/28/2011 16:44

    testes. 1. 2. 3.

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    i hate you 04/28/2011 16:46

    i want to eat her cleanly shaven furburger.

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    i hate you 04/28/2011 16:46

    i feel like a kid who was just ungrounded. it was starting to stink in there.

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    Observer 04/28/2011 17:03

    Shouldn’t these be “off”??

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    Observer 04/28/2011 17:04

    I hate it when I forget the condom…….until after I cum…..

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    Observer 04/28/2011 17:08

    I would eat that burger, “i hate you”, AND the one she’s got in her hand….

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    Observer 04/28/2011 17:14

    “Young” Hungry guys is the target audience……

    ….and they bring in Lew Alcindor…?

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    SomeoneluvsU 04/28/2011 17:16

    I’m with Justin Timberlake on this on

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    Observer 04/28/2011 17:17

    “Young” Hungry guys is the target audience……

    ….and they bring in Lew Alcindor…?……..**

    **copied in from main comments page..

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    swatrob 04/28/2011 17:20

    What was with the no comment thing for so long?


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    SomeoneluvsU 04/28/2011 17:22

    Hmm. she seems more like an Oscar Mayer gal to me.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kPT7vME6qs ***

    **** Same disclaimer as Observer.

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    Observer 04/28/2011 17:23


    ……don’t count your chickens just yet…

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    Observer 04/28/2011 17:27


    ….at least he lubed it up for her……

    ..though something tells me that is not usually necessary…..

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    Observer 04/28/2011 17:29

    Hey….casual readers…..

    …when comments are “OFF”…..you can still comment by opening up the pictures…..

    …we tend to populate “Picture #1″ with our side-splittingly funny commentary….

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    rokan 04/28/2011 17:36

    I’m going to sit here until Joust comes back and finishes the job he started on my taint.

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    i hate you 04/28/2011 17:39

    aaaah. it feels good to be out of the basement.

    *draws a dick on a sleeping pepper’s forehead and opens the curtains*

    obs, you can have the burger she’s holding. i will have the one she’s sitting on.

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    Observer 04/28/2011 17:43

    i hate you…..

    …if you save some for me…….well……..

    I will gladly give a Hamburger next Tuesday for her furburger today…..

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    uknowwhere2findme 04/28/2011 17:44

    No one has bothered to say…Thank you Pepper….fuck you guys….I will shut it back down!

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    uknowwhere2findme 04/28/2011 17:45

    I love it……I should get a penny for every time my name gets mentioned….

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    tylerwouldnotapprove 04/28/2011 17:45

    That fucking idiots pulling his copy and paste bullshit in the bunker still. No idea that we’re free for the time being. WHAT A FUCKING LOOSER!!!!!

    As far as Olivia Munn goes. meh. She’s part Chinese though or some fucking thing so maybe her twat runs sideways. That’s the most interest I can muster.

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