Carmen Ortega In A Bikini

Carmen Ortega In A Bikini Playing On The Beach In Malibu Carmen Ortega was the model slash escort girl who started banging Reggie Bush when he was dating Kim Kardashian. She also maybe tried to sell a sex tape she made with Reggie, to no avail. Then Reggie dumped her for yet another girl who also looked like Kim Kardashian. If I had to sum up Reggie Bush's type, I'd say scheming brunettes with big titties and asses. I like slender blonds who have been mute since birth. We all have our thing.

Here's Carmen Ortega in a bikini in Malibu. She's recently relocated to Los Angeles to try once again to catch a rising star. Or sleep with one. Photo Credit: FameFlynet [gallery ids="1483652,1483662,1483672,1483682,1483692,1483702,1483712,1483722,1483732,1483742,1483752"]

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