Kate Moss Is Still Alive

By Lex April 02, 2014 @ 3:09 PM

Kate Moss In A Green Bikini On A Balcony In Rio de Janeiro
Kate Moss seems to be on an important phone call. It could be with the devil reminding her that she didn’t make millions off being a flabby bodied okay looking woman without his help. Or it could be her daughter phoning to remind Kate that she left her at a bar in Havana three nights earlier and now she’s legitimately frightened. Kate is currently on her 35th cover of Vogue magazine, which leaves Kim Kardashian just 34 covers short of tying her mark. In fact, Kate was named a contributing editor to Vogue last fall and will be submitting tips to the fashion bible readers on such things as how to slenderize using Camel unfiltered, tips for girls considering losing their virginity by the fourth grade, and fabulous dresses for under $5,000. I’m not sure if Vogue was ever any good, but I’m going to go ahead and declare that it’s gone to hell.

Photo Credit: Splash

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    ShelbyScullymin 04/02/2014 15:38

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    Mud Nugget 04/02/2014 16:03

    She doesn’t look bad for someone who smokes a ton of cigarettes and never exercises.

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    Hugh G. Rection 04/02/2014 22:21

    That banner pic is just epically unflattering. Saggy ass, gunt, terrible posture. Give that papparazzi a raise.

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    zuzivumuf 04/03/2014 11:36

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    Shastar 04/03/2014 11:45

    I’d still stuff it in her pooper.

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