Ellen Page and Ellen DeGeneres Out Out Each Other (VIDEO)

By Lex May 02, 2014 @ 5:08 PM

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Ellen DeGeneres invited Ellen Page on her show to tell how how brave she was for her coming out publicly as a lesbian to the big annual coming out publicly as a lesbian gathering in Los Angeles earlier this year. Then Ellen Page told Ellen DeGeneres that her coming out a long while ago was so much more brave than her own albeit brave coming out announcement and paved the pathway for tons of lesbians to be lesbians. Then Ellen DeGeneres said no way, you coming out was so much more awesome than mine because yours was also on YouTube. So Ellen Page said quit it, you’re the most bestest lesbian who ever came out ever. Then two laughed about their careers being ruined and exchanged an extended open mouthed kiss as only two women completely freed of their oppressive cultural shackles can. I’m pretty sure that happened. I really had to stop watching.

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    BillyMitchellisaGoldenGod 05/02/2014 17:29

    And then Ellen fucked Ellen with his Dick.

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    Hugh G. Rection 05/02/2014 17:56

    Annoying lesbians are annoying.

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    Al Bundy 05/02/2014 18:48

    >Then two laughed about their careers being ruined<

    I think DeGeneres would disagree with you.

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    Beylerbey 05/02/2014 19:20

    Page is either cynical or confused. Either way, she’ll be hitched to a producer and knocked up within 5 years.

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    Shastar 05/03/2014 01:22

    yeah, Amber Heard said she was totes a total lesbo, for reals, yo, and where is she now? All married to Johnny Depp.

    I think Ellen D is the only Hollywood lesbian to come out and actually stay that way.

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    Admiral 05/03/2014 12:58

    I don’t think there’s such thing as a lesbian. It’s a made-up thing. It still takes a phallic-like object to please a woman, and the best phallic-like object will always be a penis – it was designed specifically, over millions of years, for vaginas. A lesbian is simply a weak-willed woman that feels powerless because she lacks a certain organ that can penetrate another person in often humiliating form. A woman bending over for a man puts that woman in a weakened, vulnerable position. Why do you think bowing to another is a universal show of weakness? Bowing while facing the other way doubly so. It’s all psychological, and lesbians are simply confused women that struggle with the natural psychological order that arises from our human physiology.

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    miche the killer 05/03/2014 14:25

    On a site that pretty much revolves around looking at titties, there seems to be a lot of confusion among the readership as to why someone would find women attractive enough to bang only women for their entire lives. Lesbians aren’t unicorns- they’re a real thing and they don’t need a dick to “cure what ails ‘em”, they need a hot woman. Sometimes they look like Amanda Heard, a lot of the times they look like the Ellens up there. And for a month in college, they made all your girlfriends (real and pretend) question if they really had to put up with the cocky yet insecure manchild attached to a dick. Sorry.

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    Admiral 05/03/2014 16:36

    Miche, get over yourself. Bisexuality is not the same as homosexuality. The lesbian is a myth – it’s more of a marketing ploy. A lesbian is to a twink what the Green movement is to sustainability. It’s an attempt by Feminists to capitalize on the true gay-power-struggling male. It’s another way to say that a woman can have the same power and struggle as a man, even without the ability to bend a person over and dominate them. It’s a farce.

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    shashan 05/03/2014 22:29

    Is Degenerous giving up her Porsche for a newer model? And about those adultery tongue kisses for publicity’s sake…Is Degenerate waiting for a virgin kiss from Madonna now? Or Chrustina Aguillera? Shame, shame.

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    miche the killer 05/07/2014 02:47

    Proof that the best theses are written on toilets.

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