Jenny McCarthy Has Another Newer Job

jenny-mccarthy-today-show When a true entertainment talent like Jenny McCarthy decides it's time to leave The View after being fired, it's like LeBron's 'Decision'. It's just a matter of picking where she wants to spread her talent. Last week, she took a gig showing off her tits at a pool party in an off-strip Vegas hotel. Now, she's launched her SiriusXM radio show Dirty Sexy Funny, because she's almost one of those things.

The idea of having the microphone and being able to say whatever -- I want that kind of freedom. The only analogy I can give is me going to Catholic school all my life and then when I went to college. That [kind of] freedom. I went nuts!"
In case you don't follow Jenny McCarthy, you probably don't realize she likes to mention the word college in every possible interview. She will torture the shit out of an analogy to remind you she took a couple classes at Southern Illinois before dropping out. But I guess she means she was heavily restricted at The View and now at Sirius she can fuck any guy who's cute and lives in the football frat.

On her inaugural show this week, Jenny talked about explaining sex to her eleven year old son. That's more Awkward Invasive Lame than Dirty Sexy Funny. But she'll come around to more stories about getting married to the lesser Walhberg soon enough. It's hard to estimate ratings on Sirius programs because it's all subscription based, but if you pick eleven people as the size of her audience, I'm picking the under and taking the pot.

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