Ben Affleck And Nanny Disconnect

August 12, 2015 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Ben Affleck is steadily denying he nailed his nanny while she appears to be milking the rumor for all it’s worth. Women love attention. Even if it’s in the form of dubious claims that you’re a home wrecker. People used to take pride in their job. Now they take pride in being fired for doing the one thing they’re no supposed to do at their job. It’s unclear how long this charade will last. Probably until Ouzounian runs out of outfits to walk to and from her car for no reason while the stupid paparazzi are camped outside her house in violation of Megan’s Law. Taking a private flight with a guy doesn’t mean something happened. Nine times out of ten it did but there’s always the chance he got drunk and passed out first. The point is it’s now obvious she definitely would. It’s the violation of trust that hurts. Also the visual of you being bent over an ottoman at 30,000 feet. But mostly it’s the trust. Pull the fire alarm.

Photo Credit: Instagram 

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