Bella Thorne Is Tit Genius (VIDEO)



There's no particular reason to conduct dance rehearsals with bare tits and a sleeveless tee. That's why you're not triple booked into seven figure gigs through 2019.

Bella Thorne and her parents have celebrity so fucking figured out. At least by their third daughter attempt at cracking the honeypot. To the point of life now becoming meta. She's rehearsing for the lead role on a new TV show based on the book based on how teenaged girls will consume the same content over and over again. The storyline follows a teen chick from a small town who gets cast into a huge Hollywood movie adapted from a popular youth romance novel shot in Hawaii, presumably due to tax incentives. Is life imitating art or is art imitating a near topless chick pretending she's eighteen and a Hispanic redhead from Orlando? 

It's unclear whether or not the world will become better when every teen girl seeking fame and fortune can start showing their tits off on worldwide publishing networks in a matter of seconds. Fuck it. Let's vote now. It's much better.

Photo Credit: Snapchat

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