Bar Refaeli Postpartum Spank Banking


Pregnancy is to be cherished. Both among your family and friends and a few million dudes whacking off to your bikini photos on social media. We've come a long way in reducing the stigma of pre and postpartum bellies and where exactly a wandering traveler with a hard-on might finish.

Facing tax evasion charges and questions about her financial accounting practices, Bar Refaeli did what any smart model would, she married an older wealthy heir to an Israeli supermarket giant. It certainly can't hurt. The Waltons don't get jaywalking tickets in Arkansas.

It's unclear if models posting pictures of themselves mostly naked not long after giving birth is meant to inspire other new moms or simply make them want to burn something important then cry a ton. Either way you get more followers. There's no such thing as bad publicity or too much skin in the social media age.

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Photo Credit: Instagram

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