Pretty Older Women In Hollywood Refusing to Wear Makeup

October 6, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments


Nothing smells of oppression worse than retaining a full-time makeup artist to make you look all dolled up, then complaining about being made to look like a doll. Alicia Keys and Gabrielle Union and Today Show anchor Tamron Hall and other attractive, largely darker skinned middle aged ladies who’ve already earned their nut are growing a movement to go make-up free. Strike up another win for slacktivism, where the sum total of your commitment to cause is literally doing nothing. Less than before.

Guess who said this this past weekend?

“We’ve been so bombarded with heavy makeup on social media and youtube, that people are just sick of it.”

That would be Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist. After Kim went one publicized day without makeup ordered her make-up man to contextualize her Rosa Parks moment. Shortly thereafter she returned to the full sixty-seven step process of getting ready for public consumption, including a full range of dilating douches and Henna stencils that turns her psoriasis scabs into works of bi-racial erotic art.

Chalk this up to patriarchal domination. Though not a straight man in this world gives a shit about make-up. In a world where Kaepernick standards of taking a knee stand for deep commitment to a cause, not wearing makeup still reeks of irrelevance. Try this when you’re twenty and dying to break into the business, not forty-five and sitting on a fat IRA. Everybody wants to tell the boss to fuck off. It’s less meaningful after you’ve been fired.

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