Mia Khalifa for Saudi Ambassador

November 29, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Change.org is masturbation fodder for people who feel culturally exploitative watching Big Black Cock videos on Pornhub. It’s snowflake impotency, mixed with slacktivism, and a hint of little girl child tantrum. 

Every guy out there reeling from the Trump election is finding their own safe space to produce anti-Trump content and maintain their memberships in the world’s most ineffectual and effeminate honeycomb hideout. Some dude tongue-in-cheeked a Change.org petition to make hjiab wearing porn star Mia Khalifa the next U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Dalcolm Rodriguez-Goldstein sacrastically artfully suggested it would follow Trump’s line of inclusionary mindset. Less artfully, the petition itself is racist because the author assumed wrongly that Khalifa is Saudi or even Muslim. No mind. The point is well taken. Not the namby pamby petition, but the idea of appointing porn stars to key administration ppositions.

Chicks who fuck for a living have a great hold on the real cost of everything. They’re decidedly grounded and suffer little bullshit. Is Sauda Arabia fucking us on this new tax treaty? Mia Khalifa could sniff that shit out. Also, she’s going to peg the Emirs who venture to London and Paris routinely for model pussy because they understand Islamic laws are bad for rich cock. Out of the mouths of babes. Also, anuses. Change.org got one right and they weren’t even trying.

Photo Credit: Mia Khalifa/Instagram

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