Natasha Oakley And Devin Brugman in Bikinis


If there's one lesson to be learned in the modern economy that no candidate will ever speak it's, you're on your own. Nobody is going to give you jack shit and all the local legacy jobs are gone. Grandpa was an iron worker, dad was an iron worker, I work swingshift at a alt-coffee house called The Smelt.

These two chicks already got the message. They walk the beaches of the earth showing off their tits and selling bikinis. This is what the Dodge brothers would be doing today if they were alive and had large breasts. Building shit was last century. Selling shit is this century. Snakeoil salesman is now simply called salesman. Or Instagram star. The gender wage gap in the digital social economy skews heavily female. Expect that to be reported heavily in the press. 

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Photo Credit: Splash

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