Anastasia Ashley in A Bikini


Surfing is considered a sport by many who surf. Also, guys who want to bang girls who surf. This is different than football or basketball which nobody calls a hobby and not merely because of the contract values. Golf is not a sport, it's a hobby, and Tiger Woods has made a billion dollars. He's black and muscular. Still, not a sport. Serena Williams is black and far more muscular than Tiger Woods. Tennis is a sport. But not because of her eye popping military press numbers. 

Surfing not being a sport provides some upside. It has good looking women. The primary skill is balance and a willingness to be sexually harassed nearly constantly by male surfers. Also, you need to own a wetsuit. The qualifications are fairly broad. Hence, attractive women. Anastasia Ashley made herself famous by having a big butt for a surfer girl and shaking it in Twerking warmup videos before events. Many critics blasted her for demeaning her sport. Though it's not a sport. So consider the possibility it was merely jealousy.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

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