Jennifer Connelly in A Bikini

February 21, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Remember all those politically elitist rants from Jennifer Connelly this past year? All those gender pay gap myth screeds? The announcing of lesbian and gender experimentation and the death to penis signs in seminal pro-Muslim refugee marches in Prada flats? She seems to have shirked her SAG duties.

Jennifer Connelly may be the perfect actress in so much as she works consistently but not whorishly, picks decent films half the time, routinely still films topless at forty-six, and hesitates greatly before sharing her personal thoughts in a public forum. Certainly she has opinions. She’s a smart woman. Smart enough not to feel the need to signal her virtue amid her blessed fortune. This may explain why she’s married going on fourteen years to that blond dude from Beautiful Mind and they’re still holding hands in candid photos. Connelly’s pushed out some untold number of kids but looks mom fine in a bikini. She’ll skip the essays on the hard work that takes, apologizing for her good looks, and noting how vital it is that every woman be happy with their doughy build as is. 

This is the closest I get to a love letter.

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