Scarlett Byrne Nude Model Feminist

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Scarlett Byrne will be appearing in the upcoming issue of Playboy, which will correct Hugh Hefner’s idiot son’s short lived idea to have all the models pose in clothing from Target. Byrne has done some of the Harry Potter movies, probably based on her good looks and not her talent or feminist beliefs.

Instead of just admitting she wants the money and attention, Byrne decided to correlate her desire to show her ass crack in Playboy to her ongoing struggle for gender equality. This seems to be the opposite of the rationale used to take the nudes out of Playboy. How do the models on each side of this divisive issue address it when they’re working together? That’s a trick question, they don’t. It’s too mired in hypocrisy and self aggrandizement. Common conversation topics tend to include what club to go to later and how much Elon Musk really pays you to suck him off at the Tesla factory: 

“It was not only to support my fiancé, Cooper Hefner, who is the Chief Creative Officer of Playboy, but also an opportunity to make a statement about equality between the two sexes… The fact that women continue to be second-class citizens around the world was inherent even within this particular situation… Many in society continue to diminish female intellect, deny them ownership of their sexuality, reject feminism and all else that makes being a woman so powerful. It starts with equal pay and goes all the way to free the nipple.” 

Yes, Scarlett Byrne is engaged to Hugh Hefner’s son. Cooper Hefner is rich because his dad is Hugh Hefner, one of the most notable misogynists of all time. He literally had a harem of fake wives who weren’t allowed to leave his house without his permission. In order to become his fake wives, these whores had to do many degrading sexual favors for him. He gave them an allowance. At least he had a business plan and had the company in the black, unlike his pussy son. This is no easy feat, but Scarlett Byrne appears to have reached the Mt Everest summit of utter bullshit. There is nowhere to go form here except back down the steep side of the cliff.

If women are indeed treated as second class citizens, it’s because people associate women with women who act like Scarlett Byrne. At this point Houston is going to claim she did the 600 dude gang bang to draw attention to the patriarchy. It’s sad in a way. Just be thankful you’re attractive enough to not have to do full frontal and put a sock in it. 

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