Vanity Fair Party Best Ten Minutes of the Night

February 27, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Vanity Fair chose not to cancel their annual party in favor of a corporate virtue signaling. You know Condé Nast was tempted. It may have to do with the big dollars in co-sponsorships sold to cover the cost of a swank affair that took over half of Beverly Hills in ginormous tents formed out of living swan wings. Once the lights go down on the Oscars and the winners have been announced and re-announced, it’s time to let as loose as you can in three overlapping girdles.

All the chicks who attended the Oscars make a switch into their second designer gowns of the evening. The second gowns show all the tit that was forbidden at the Oscars. Serious women don’t wear low cut tops. That according to the Academy, ABC, and grandmothers everywhere. The swimsuit and lingerie models are invited to the Vanity Fair event, upping the pressure on legit actresses to wax their nipples. Everybody stays for about as long as an Aspy CEO at his startup tech company Christmas Party. Ten minutes. It’s gateway party to the slightly smaller, more exclusive purpose parties. The AIDS, the ACLU and guys who can figure out how to get woman out of sewed on dresses in a cramped toilet stall did very well for themselves.

Oscar night is a chance for the town to let loose and throw caution to the gross consumerism wind. So not unlike every other night of the year, save for the cops clearing traffic for their limousines. 

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