Joe Rogan on The Young And Sexless

July 14, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Virgins are the original special snowflakes. Before the transracial and transsexual revolution of today. Virgins were the original marginalized group. And guess what? Joe Rogan hates them. As he should, Rogan detests unpenetrated undergrads. And they don’t want to be caught in an arm bar by a bald funny man while being told jokes concurrently. Moving away from manual labor to cushy office jobs has left an entire generation with soft hands they only use to wipe away their tears. That shit’s no laughing matter. And virgins would rather be offended than laugh. Sex equals experience. Experience that saves everyone involved a little awkwardness later on in life. And in bed. IKEA comes with instructions. How to give a good reach around does not. That’s Rogan’s point. Have sex. Have experience. Then laugh about it. Why so serious? 

Outrage culture makes everyone uncomfortable. Virgins do too. Punchlines can’t even land due to the inexperience of virgins. Has no one told these kids that if you wear a condom it doesn’t count? I mean… plastic bag… dog shit…the action happened, but I didn’t really touch it. Same with sex. Hopefully this sparks something. Before these kids end up on TLC’s Virgin Diaries. 

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