Joe Rogan on The Young And Sexless

Outrage culture makes everyone uncomfortable. Virgins do too. Before the transracial and transsexual revolution of today. Virgins were the original marginalized group. read more

'Fear Factor' will be serving donkey semen

The middle, "disgusting food or drink" segment on this Mondays 'Fear Factor' will have the contestants drinking glasses of donkey semen, and NBC is so upset they threatened to stop the show. Well, actually the show was filmed over the summer. It's not like it's live.... read more

tuesday morning headlines

JOE ROGAN - is the best analyst in any sport IMO, but he's still a huge Fedor Emelianenko fan (more) despite the fact that Fedor hasn't fought anyone of note since Nogueira 6 years ago. Saturday night Fedor lost a fight in the first round, and today Rogan will talk about... read more

wednesday headlines

CARLOS MENCIA - steals jokes. This of course was a bigger story when Joe Rogan confronted him on stage 3 years ago (video and backstory here), but this morning Opie and Anthony played an audio clip where Carlos actually admits it. It's possible he was being sarcastic,... read more

entourage sucks and joe rogan knows it

As the camera panned around between rounds Saturday night at UFC 104, play-by-play man Mike Goldberg said a quick word about the celebrities on hand, including Turtle and Ari from ‘Entourage'. And after he did, the great Joe Rogan explained all the things that make... read more

Morning Headlines

JOE ROGAN - pee's in a cup and then drinks it in this video. And he gets some radio DJ to do the same. So in a way it's like 2 Girls 1 Cup, except it's guys and their penises. In other words, it's way worse. (source - redban) MICHAEL JACKSON - may or may not have been... read more

Morning headlines

BRUNO - as expected won the box office this weekend, pulling in $30.4m in it's debut. That's way less than the 50m some Hollywood insiders were suggesting on Friday, but keep in mind, no one in Hollywood has any idea what the fuck they're talking about. (variety) MICHAEL... read more


Dane Cook and Carlos Mencia are both well known to steal other comedians material, then re-write it and pass it off as their own. Except Dane doesn't re-write it, he just says whatever Louis CK says and then flails around a little bit. Now that's comedy! But no one has... read more