Cooper Hefner Retroactively Embarrassed Over Trump Cover

August 28, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

It’s not unusual for the sons of inheritance to believe they earnestly earned their professional stature. The alternative theory is too demeaning to consider. Though more ambitious men will intentionally not follow in their successful father’s footsteps to avoid any possible confusion.

Cooper Hefner, the 20-something youngest son of Hugh Hefner made by a Playmate you probably beat off to at one point, has been named the Chief Creative Officer of Playboy. He seems young for the job. Though the last name was already on the nameplate. Hefner’s a self-described millennial charging himself with the task of making Playboy relevant again for his generation. Right charge, wrong man.

Like most millennials, Hefner has focused his efforts by trying to sound hip and clue-in on Twitter. Not every young man can liberate Europe from the Nazis. The Greatest Generation had it totally teed up. Hefner dove into the virtue signaling realm of his peer group by announcing he was super embarrassed by the Playboy cover featuring Donald Trump. The one from 1990. Before he was born.

Why am I embarrassed about this cover? Because we promote a philosophy that encourages ALL individuals to choose the life they want to live.

Sadly, only ALMOST everybody can get away with blind Trump bashing these days for cheap applause. In the case of the spoiled brat Playboy scion, there’s no way the feminists were going to blindly second. Linda Stasi of the New York Daily News penned a column declaring that the Trump cover of decades ago is the least of Playboy’s dehumanizing, objectifying, and sexually degrading of women crimes.

Stasi cited numerous instances of Playboy’s degradation of the ladies in their editorial content through the years, including that time Cooper decided to put his own mom on the cover to celebrate her 30th Playmate anniversary. Also, that time she spent a couple years fucking the much older Hugh and making Cooper and his brother, Marsten.

Stasi’s points probably makes a ton of sense to feminists. Don’t feel obliged to agree. But it does point out the folly of a joyful pornographer jumping the progressive outrage bandwagon. You simply can’t. Especially when dad made the porn company and gave it to you during his dementia phase. He probably thought you were his male sex nurse. Did he call you Esteban per chance?

If nothing else, this story shows there is now some circumscription to Trump hate. Dudes beating off to glossy shot of naked woman beaver not allowed. Maybe it never grows from there. But that’s still a ton of excluded.

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