Britney Spears Solo Kohl’s Fashion Show At Home

September 19, 2017 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

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Britney Spears might not be invited to mingle with the who’s who of drug addicts at fashion week events happening around the world, but that isn’t stopping her from putting on a manic dead-eyed fashion show of her own on Instagram. In a new video, the lip syncing sensation dons the latest in white trash looks – which would also be more than acceptable for attending Kitson grand openings in the mid-2000’s – while twirling around her mansion like someone forgot to sprinkle the daily dose of Thorazine into her Cap’n Crunch. Spears’ caption reads:

Who says you can’t do fashion week at home!

Not you. What I want is for the Hadids of the world to look at this and seethe with jealousy over how much fun one can have with a closet of shitty mall clothes, a five dollar weave, and an iPhone. All the haute modeling in the world can’t bring you this kind of blissful disillusionment. Spears is either a drugged up mess or the most enviable woman in showbiz. This video would indicate, actually, the former.



Photo Credit: Instagram

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