Jim Carrey Goes Crazy

Canadians are a peculiar group of people. Any nation of human beings that believe Swiss Chalet sauce is fit for human consumption while wild moose roam around will look at life a little differently from your average American. Their celebrity imports haven't been that bad over the years with Jim Carey being one of their most notable. But to be that bizarre for so long without altered states of consciousness inspired by drugs is a trick even Chris Angel would have trouble pulling off. And maybe it's time for Jim to find his second career wind in the city of sin and has beens. The elderly eager to be entertained and lights in Las Vegas are waiting for you Jim. Your most recent interview sealed your fate. 

In perhaps the most bizarre red-carpet interview to date, comedic actor Jim Carrey throws E! News reporter Catt Sadler for a loop with a painfully awkward, two-minute nihilistic rant. Sadler first approached Carrey at the Harper's Bazaar's ICONS party at the Plaza Hotel in New York City for Fashion Week on Friday. But the legendary comedian was not interested in speaking about or celebrating such "icons." He instead opted to mock the event and inform Sadler that nothing matters and that we aren't real. Carrey would later explain, "There is no me. There are clusters of tetrahedrons moving around together. "As Sadler finally escaped the interview, Carrey patted her on the shoulder and said, "We don't matter. That's the good news."

Back when Silk Road was everyone's plug I have no doubt Carey was purchasing DMT by the dozen. With way off topic ramblings he looks like he's going through the worst of withdrawals. Hollywood needs to take blame for what they've done to him. You can't pay celebrities millions of dollars and expect them not to experiment with everything from inhalants to hallucinogens. He took a hit and genuinely believes he's stuck on the Truman Show in real life. Existential ideas and discussions have no place at a party. It's a sea of shallow people looking to sleep with someone new. Do the same. Rule number one in the crazy person handbook is to never make the public aware of your tin foil hat collection. And don't get Stanley Kubrick'd. Directors and actors are advised to keep their mouths and eyes wide shut. I see a Scientology recruiter paying Carey a visit soon. 

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