Eminem Wins Greatest Rapper Of All Time

October 22, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

The inverted affirmative action rapper Eminem just won employee of the month indefinitely in Hip Hop. Rap was basically created to carry messages in a melodic form that touched on important issues related to the African American experience. But according to the internet, the best messenger for that job is missing some melanin. A man won Woman of the Year award and the best rapper isn’t even black. Proof that nothing is impossible. Except attempting to have a serious conversation about what makes someone the greatest rapper. Opinions are pretty relative. But that hasn’t stopped people on the internet insisting that their personal beliefs are facts. 

Eminem just turned 45, and the internet celebrated by gifting the legendary wordsmith with the extremely controversial title: “The Greatest Rapper of All Time.” 

Recently Eminem was thrown into the spotlight for his BET freestyle cypher aimed at taking down Donald Trump. Which almost would have worked if somehow the Commander in Chief could be relieved from a position as President after losing a rap battle. Fortunately, the leader of the free world doesn’t have to follow 8 Mile rules. Being the greatest rapper really doesn’t amount to much. But since he won at rap maybe he could switch musical genres. I always wondered what a country rendition of the song “Stan” would sound like. It’s everything the world needs right now.

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