Jeff Goldblum Wants Whatever Holly Willoughby Is Willing To Offer, Wink Wink

October 21, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

You should automatically expect anyone constantly dressed as GQ’s man of the month to try his luck with chicks all the time. No matter whether it’s at work or on live TV. No heterosexual man alive wakes up and purposely puts on a turtle neck without wanting attention from the opposite sex. Because otherwise you just look like a giant uncircumcised penis. Jeff Goldblum, who often resembles a Just For Men headshot photo come to life, worked his charm on one half of the hosts of This Morning TV program. While his outfit would lead you to believe he would hit on Phillip, he was actually after female host Willoughby. And Holly is certainly hot enough to have any man begin to behave slightly cheeky on live TV. Formal professionalism flies out of the window right after anyone has been undressed with eyes. 

Jeff Goldblum is currently making the media rounds to promote his new film, Thor: Ragnarok, but his recent appearance on London’s This Morning is what really caught people’s attention. The charming and handsome actor sat down with hosts Phillip and Holly to discuss the film, but Jeff got a bit distracted when trying to chat with Holly. In addition to giving her a sweet smirk and talking in a very smooth tone, he also sidetracked his conversation to ask about her outfit, jewelry, and nail polish.

Jeff put on the moves on air but no word yet if she followed the dandy man back to his changing chambers. Jeff laid out the bait, he’s just waiting for Holly to bite. Patience is a vital aspect of fishing. Anyone who dresses like a modern version of Mad Men will have success when it comes to women. 100% certain Jeff closed this deal.

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