Ke$ha was just as sexy in high school

November 18, 2010 | celebrity | editor| 0 Comments

Some people wonder why Ke$ha wears so much glitter and paint and all these distractions. Those people clearly haven’t seen her yearbook photo from Brentwood High School (go Bruins!), about 20 minutes south of Nashville. Maybe it’s because the... READ MORE

is Ke$ha still repulsive? Let’s find out!

November 16, 2010 | celebrity | editor| 0 Comments

You know she is, brother! She’s still down in Australia, and yesterday went swimming at Bondi Beach. Thankfully she didn’t wear a bikini again. I’d rather see the clouds part and angels announce the End of Days than her... READ MORE

Ke$ha is in a bikini

November 11, 2010 | Uncategorized | editor| 0 Comments

Ke$ha, who is 23, wore a bikini on Bondi Beach in Australia earlier today, and my eyes are aching… with pleasure! Whiskey and gummi bears must be filled with vitamins because she looks terrific. What a sexy young girl! READ MORE

maybe Ke$ha isn’t all bad

November 3, 2010 | bikini | editor| 0 Comments

Or maybe having a cute girl on her knees helps make Ke$ha more attractive. Or maybe it really is possible to turn literally anyone into a pop star. Because she looked ok yesterday while filming the video for “We... READ MORE

Ke$ha really is an idiot

August 19, 2010 | celebrity | editor| 0 Comments

Ke$ha is an asshole who craves attention, so of course she was walking around New York in a tiger mask. I don’t know where she was going though. Maybe to promote something. Does she have a new single? I... READ MORE

god damn ke$ha sucks

April 20, 2010 | celebrity | editor| 0 Comments

Ke$ha was on SNL this weekend, and e! online is being asked if she’s the worst singer in the shows 35 year history. The answer is yes. Actually the answer is that it’s hard to even comprehend how fucking... READ MORE

tuesday morning headlines

April 6, 2010 | celebrity | editor| 0 Comments

JOSLYN JAMES – is the porn star who thought she was in ‘Pretty Woman’ and she and Tiger Woods were gonna go to the polo match hand in hand. She “retired” from porn to hold press conferences to cry... READ MORE

hackjob squareass is back

March 25, 2010 | beach | editor| 0 Comments

Ke$ha has been in Australia all week, and yesterday she and her shapeless ass made their triumphant return to the beach. Which is amazing because if I looked like this at the beach I would fight someone to the... READ MORE

ke$ha is kind of an idiot

March 25, 2010 | bikini | editor| 0 Comments

Ke$ha should have worn this cloak yesterday when she was at the beach, and spared everyone from seeing her shapeless and confusing square ass. Instead she wore it today to appear on Merrick, Dools and Ricki Lee, which is... READ MORE

ke$ha and her fug bikini need to go away

March 24, 2010 | beach | editor| 0 Comments

The first time I ever heard of Ke$ha was when she was running her mouth about Britney Spears lip synching (this). The second time was when Opie and Anthony took an unstable middle aged goblin with nothing resembling talent... READ MORE


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