Mel Gibson takes a plea and avoids any jail time

Just because a celebrity is on tape repeatedly threatening to beat up a woman, a woman who later claims she was beaten up, that's no reason to prosecute or send them to jail. And the Los Angeles district attorney agrees, so today they struck a deal with Mel Gibson to send him to counseling instead of prison, even though he loudly proclaimed a dozen times that he was going to murder his girlfriend. Mel had more

Charlie Sheen might be broke

When Charlie Sheen got on twitter, he made a big point of mentioning that he was unemployed now and that twitter is "a cash cow" for celebrities who get paid to tweet ads. Which was weird considering Two and a Half Men paid him 2 million dollars an episode. Well brace yourself for the shock of a lifetime but it turns out Charlie Sheen might not have handled his money wisely. Popeater says… Sheen is making his more

Lacey Schwimmer and Romeo seem friendly

I've never heard of Lacey Schwimmer, but she was playing basketball in a bikini top with Romeo before rehearsals for Dancing With the Stars in West Hollywood yesterday, so I assume she's one of the pro dancers. I also assume he's banging her because he's black and she's a thick white girl. I didn't do an ounce of research for this one in case you couldn't tell. But after that some stuff happened, and then more

Nicole Trunfio is a good model

The first time I ever heard of Aussie model Nicole Trunfio or saw her ass was over there, on the couch, where the dog is now, about 20 minutes ago while looking at pictures of the 'Limitless' premiere in New York, but believe me when I tell you that you could spend the next hour staring at it and it could easily be the happiest you'll be all day. (image source = splash news online and getty)read more

Charlie Sheen edition headlines

If you told 10 people that you were planning to go on TV with some porn stars and call yourself a warlock and say how much you love drugs and tell your boss to go fuck himself, I bet almost none of them would say, "Oh yeah that's a good idea." And yet that's what Charlie Sheen is expecting from people who work with him, specifically his Two and a Half Men co-star Jon Cryer. But Cryer hasn't, and Sheen is handling more

Katy Perry has blue hair now, looks hot as f**k

Katy Perry is in Paris for their Fashion Week, and earlier today at the Jean-Charles Castelbajac show she wore this sexy ass blue wig. I wish more girls would do cool punk stuff like this with their hair. It's like banging a girl in a sci-fi movie. It's the blowjob of the future, today! (image source = splash news and pacific coast and bauer griffin)read more

"Lindsay isn't going to know what hit her."

Lindsay Lohan will be in back in court on Thursday morning for her felony theft case, and just a few days ago she was reportedly on the verge of accepting a plea agreement even though that probabaly would have sent her to jail for 18 days. Since then however, the jewelry store sold their security footage with Lindsay on it, and now she wants to reject the plea and go to trial because she thinks she can make the more

the new Tomb Raider movie will have a new Tomb Raider

E-harmony rejected my profile because I said I was looking for a super hot girl with long hair and big tits who dresses slutty. I should have bought the rights to the Tomb Raider franchise because then I could have put that exact same thing in Entertainment Weekly. Producer Graham King (The Departed, The Town) announced today that he's acquired the film rights to Lara Croft, and plans to reboot the Tomb more

it's Lindsay Lohans jewelry store surveillance video

Entertainment Tonight aired some surveillance video last night, footage from the day when Lindsay Lohan reportedly stole a diamond necklace from a jewelry store in Venice. They do have the complete 42 minute video, with 4 different camera angles, but there's no sound and this clip doesn't prove anything, except that her mom was lying when a "source" said Lindsay had two witnesses, her friend and her assistant, more

Charlie Sheen has a machete now

Just one day after Charlie Sheen publicly said he was gonna sneak up behind people and their kids and slit their throats, and just an hour after being formally fired from Two and a Half Men for his behavior lately such as publicly saying he's gonna sneak up behind people and slit their throats, Sheen went to the offices of concert promoter Live Nation in Beverly Hills, went on the roof and waved a machete around. more

someone says they have new naked pictures of Britney

Back in June, a bodyguard who worked for Britney Spears for about a month named Fernando Flores accused her of sexual harassment and then child abuse (for which she was investigated by the LA County Dept of Children and Family Services and cleared almost instantly because there was, "absolutely no truth to the accusations"). And none of that seemed to make her throw money at him to shut up and go away so now he' more

Charlie Sheen says hes gonna cut kids throats

Charlie Sheen, who was arrested on Christmas day in 2009 after his wife told police he held a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her, said in a webcast last night that he would hold a knife to peoples throats and kill them, and then do the same to their kids. Radar says... (Sheen) launched into a bizarre, profanity-laced tirade during a chat with his associate Bob Maron. Said Sheen: "I'm gonna write more

Lindsay Lohans security footage might be online

A website named claims to have bought the security camera footage of Lindsay Lohan stealing a diamond necklace from Kamofie & Co, for which she is now charged with felony theft. Which is great news for Lindsay, because now her attorney can claim the jewelry store made up this whole incident to get publicity and make money by doing dumb shit like selling their security tapes. Lindsay Lohan' more

Monday morning headlines

CHRIS BROWN - took a naked picture of himself in a mirror, and it leaked over the weekend. I'm sure this video scan of the picture reaches the bottom of his penis at some point. Let me know how it turns out. (media take out) RANGO - won the weekend box office with $38 million, easily beating the Adjustment Bureau which was second with $20.9M. When Matt Damon heard about this, he took a knife and ran the blade over more

Charlie Sheen is creeping out young girls on twitter

Charlie Sheen only joined twitter on Tuesday, but it didn't take long for him to realize it's potential to score strange pussy. And then two seconds later he took that concept and made it creepy as hell by adding Modern Family star Sarah Hyland as one of the 17 people he followed. People says... Sheen may have skyrocketed to a million Twitter followers in record time, but when it comes to the select few he's chosen more