Kendall Jenner Camel Toe Causing Uproar

For years we stared into the gaping lower maw of Khloe Kardashian in yoga pants, her massive lips flapping like Mothra into impossible flight. Then Khloe got wise and with a paid consumer tie-in, solved her vag lines problem I've learned my lesson a million times. I wear... read more

Dylan Penn Has Arrived

I inherently want any child of Sean Penn to be successful. I feel the same way about abused and neglected dogs. I want them to be adopted into nice homes, or at least to be distracted by pictures of juicy bones to distract while being gassed. Being born Sean Penn's... read more

I'd Knock Up Federica Torti

I've spent time in Italy. Every girl looks like the kind of girl you'd be tempted to make babies with and every dude looks like some swarthy beast who's just been banging one these girls between the sheets. It's a nation that looks like a porn set. Somehow nobody is... read more

Anne Greene Has Big Nipple Problems

Every actress has to start somewhere, and if you're lucky enough to have nice tits like Anne Greene, you get to start out on Cinemax filming simulated sex scenes. Anne Green signed up to be one of the assembly line of girls to bare their titties on Femme Fatale so that... read more

Katherine Heigl Is Too Important to Be Captured

Katherine Heigl is suing the Duane Reade chain of pharmacies for precisely six million dollars. It seems that she was leaving one of their stores in New York when a pap shot a picture of her carrying lots of Duane Reade bags. For some stupid reason the pharmacy decided... read more

Rob Lowe Is Too Handsome

World's most perfect looking man puppet Rob Lowe claims he's been discriminated against for being too handsome. The guy who starred in all of those 80's movies and one underaged girl sex tape told the New York Times that he's felt disadvantaged from being really really... read more

Alyssa Miller In Lingerie For Summer 2014 Intimissimi

Photo Credit: Intimissimi [gallery guid=803914] read more

Oprah Told Letterman That Lindsay Is 'Doing OK' (VIDEO)

In order to make Lindsay Lohan seem interesting enough to talk to for a few minutes, David Letterman had to get Oprah Winfrey on the phone to remind everyone that she's the driving force (and money) behind the 27-year old actress's return to stardom. While Dave and Oprah... read more

Kris Jenner Knows That Nobody Wants To See Her Naked (VIDEO)

Kris Jenner called into an Australian morning radio talk show to update the continent on just about everything that's going on in her family's life, because there aren't enough Kardashian shows on TV right now, and Australians will literally die if they don't know what's... read more

Amanda Bynes Is Off Her Medication, Free To Resume Being Crazy

Deep down inside, it felt pretty good and relieving to know that Amanda Bynes had received professional medical help and was on the road to being a better, happier person again. It's always fun to watch a celebrity have a breakdown in the public eye, bogged down by the... read more

Minnie Driver In A Bikini In Miami

Remember when Minnie Driver used to be the epitome of raw sexuality in Hollywood? When you'd lay in bed at night picturing her grotesquely brown tooth dripping with the byproduct of your lovemaking? Watching mediocre looking women slipping into slightly older mediocre... read more

Chris Brown Screws White Woman From Inside Prison! You Won't Believe What Happens Next

From deep inside his prison walls, Chris Brown faked out a bunch of girls to come into a casting call for his new modeling agency, Legendary Faces. And, yes, Chris Brown owns a. modeling agency. I think he started it during rehab as a positive outlet for his repressed... read more