George Zimmer Got Booted Out of The Wearhouse

Me and ten million other mostly broke mopes got their first suits at the Men's Wearhouse. They even threw in a pair of socks. Fucking icing on the cake. George Zimmer guaranteed we'd like the way we looked in his suits. He didn't guarantee that we'd get to shtup an older... read more

Dolce and Gabbana Off to Big Gay Prison, Sort of

Oh, snap. Looks like designing icon boyfriends Dolce and Gabbana (I think they might have first names too) were hiding hundreds of millions of dollars from Italy's tax authorities. They got busted for it and yesterday got handed a twenty-month prison sentence. The two... read more

Kim Kardashian Couldn't Have A VIP Hospital Suite Because Of Dwight Howard

While Kim Kardashian's people claim that she had to be admitted to Cedars Sinai hospital to give birth to her daughter five weeks before the expected due date because of a threat to both her and the baby's health, there are still several conspiracy theories out there.... read more

Selena Gomez Might Be Dating This Hunk

Of course I mean the doughy ginger on the right and not the other guy, who has built an empire out of tricking yokels into coughing up their money for a redneck routine that's faker than Courtney Stodden's tits. That guy on the right is singer Ed Sheeran, and if Us... read more

James Gandolfini Is Still Dead

We just saw him a month ago on here carrying his baby and showing off his young wife and looking fucking miserable. I guess he knew something we didn't. Or just that whole second family thing caught up to him. Even the news outlets that pre-prepare obits for teetering... read more

Anna Kournikova In A Bikini on a Boat

Whenever I tell my buddy Mike anything about Anna Kournikova, he's got to repeat the fact that she never won a tennis singles title ever. Then I tell him that I was talking about her tits and what do I care. And then he says that I should care because female athletes are... read more

Miley Cyrus Can't Stop Being Almost Kind of Bad (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus can do whatever the hell she wants with her mouth and body. She can host cosplay booty shaking parties at her place where everybody makes a mess and nobody ever cleans up! God loves her and that's all that matters. I guess her higher power doesn't mind you... read more

Rihanna Hits Fan With Microphone (VIDEO)

Rihanna don't play like Beyonce. When Beyonce got her ass grabbed during a concert, she did her little sexy mama chiding thing, and moved on. We know Rihanna's history with hands flying toward her face. So she took action. A microphone to the head of some dude in... read more

The Gays Hating on The Duggars

You may recall The Duggars as the 19 and Counting reality TV family that is overpopulating the planet in order to fulfill their manifest destiny. Now, the eldest Duggar son has taken a job with the Family Research Council in Washington. They're the group that tries to... read more

Bieber Painting Is The End Of Art

Painter Elizabeth Peyton unveiled her latest work to the art world this week, which to the horror of many of her fans, was a giant goofy picture of Justin Bieber. Mind you, Elizabeth Peyton isn't some obese loser doing fan art in her basement, she is a well respected... read more

Maggie Gyllenhaal's Tits Are Going London Bridges

If Maggie Gyllenhaal's boobs descend any lower, she's going to be ambulating on her own nipples. Not that I glorify the almighty tit job here in Hollywood, but Maggie's one of those girls who got her sag on as early as high school, when the girls in gym class called her... read more

Jenny McCarthy In Carl's Jr Salad Ad (VIDEO)

Why do fast food places make salads? Yeah, I know contrived young girls are assaulting McDonald's CEO with questions about making kids diabetic, their fingers too swollen to operate the remote control to watch their skinny Asian counterparts stealing their future. But... read more