Joanna Krupa In A Bikini Poolside In Miami

Marrying a shady Miami nightclub investor and living a life of leisure seems like a good option if you can snatch it. Until the mob hits and the IRS investigations and the guys in monogrammed jackets carrying boxes of evidence out of your home, you can build a pretty... read more

The Redskins Owner Will Fold Eventually

The government shutdown is super fucking boring, so everybody now in Washington has turned their attention to a more important matter, the controversial name of their pretty crappy football team. Redskins is clearly a derogatory terms for Native Americans, something... read more

Selena Gomez Fell During A Concert (VIDEO)

Being a pop star is no easy task these days, as the majority of music's biggest artists not only sing their hits to crowded arenas full of screaming fans, but they also dance while they do so. Just ask Selena Gomez, who took a scary tumble while performing during her... read more

Candice Swanepoel Models Lingerie For October's Victoria's Secret Collection

Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret [gallery ids="1599542,1599552,1599562,1599572,1599582,1599592,1599602,1599612,1599622,1599632,1599642,1599652,1599662,1599672,1599682,1599692,1599702,1599712,1599722,1599732,1599742,1599752,1599762,1599772,1599782,1599792"] read more

Miranda Kerr Is Pretty Great At Yoga

Now that she has a lot of free time since her split with Victoria's Secret, Miranda Kerr's mornings are wide open for yoga, which I'm sure is very important to her Buddhist beliefs. It's also pretty important to my beliefs, which are simply staring at women in tight yoga... read more

Everybody Hates Jenny McCarthy On The View

Jenny McCarthy has been one of the four horsewomen of the daytime TV apocalypse on The View for just a little over a month, but she's already facing the ax, according to Radar, because people simply can't stand listening to her talk. This shouldn't come as a surprise to... read more

This Kid Is Still Locked Out of the National Zoo

At first I must admit, the idea of shutting down the government and saving some coin seemed like a decent idea. But when I learned they're going to be paying for everything retroactively when settled, then hell, it's no different than taking the bottle away from Drunk... read more

Kelly Brook Also Has a Calendar

Who is buying all these wall calendars. I just don't know. I remember my doctor had one when I was a kid. It had pictures of puppies in it and he'd tell me to look at the cute doggies then he'd jab me with a needle when my attention was turned. I learned not to trust... read more

Nobody Cares That Chris Brown Was Raped

Chris Brown's revelation last week that he first had sex at age eight created buzz for about five seconds then nobody cared. Except for the rape culture people who care about shit like this, because it's actually kind of important, if you remove the name Chris Brown from... read more

Carmen Ortega Models A Thong Bikini For A 138 Water

At this point, the 138 Water people are just grabbing girls with large asses off the street to pose for fifty dollars. This easily could be a single camera guy who put fake label on his Dasani water bottle and has convinced desperate hungry models that it's some new... read more

Helen Flanagan Grabs Her Tits A Lot in 2014

A lot of people refer to Helen Flanagan as the sexiest woman in Britain. It's like calling somebody the best ice hockey player in Texas. There's a few kids who can skate in the Lone Star State, but it's not Minnesota, if you know what I'm saying. Still, this TV actress... read more

Shia LaBeouf Got Punched In the Face Again

Justin Bieber is pretty prodigious at pussy scuffles, but he's still not even to the legend, Shia LaBeouf. Shia is like Bieber without the bodyguards. He gets wasted and picks fights with dudes who invariably wallop him with a few good licks before somebody convinces... read more