Lauren Stoner Bikini Pictures Keep Rolling

Last week I had no idea what Lauren Stoner did. Thanks to a barrage (three) emails from her fans, it turns out Lauren was a very valuable cast member of The Spin Crowd, the short-lived Kim Kardashian produced reality show about girls working in a P.R. agency. The show... read more

2013 Logo Channel Awards Not All That Fabulous

Contrary to popular opinion, hot girls aren't swarming around gay men in Hollywood. Closeted gay actors, for sure. They've got supermodels hanging on their arms and telling tales of insatiable hetero appetites. But an openly gay channel like Logo holds their big awards... read more

Aubrey Plaza Pulls An Obvious Publicity Stunt (VIDEO)

The MTV Movie Awards that nobody watched had a "tense" moment when Parks And Recreation Star Aubrey Plaza tried to take an award from Will Ferrell. She had the name of her latest movie, The To Do List, written on her chest in what can only be described as a huge... read more

Britney Spears Looks Like a Ham

I shop at Ralph's too, just like Britney Spears. They've got the best cupcakes, 12 for $3 with your club card. Seeing Britney at Ralph's made me think of country baked ham. Which is also on sale this week with your club card. The real key is that club card. And Britney... read more

Quick Thoughts from Coachella: Ireland Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin is still seventeen but now a professional model with a surfer boyfriend named Slater Trout. That may be his real name, but it's also the name you'd give the surfer character in your porn movie. Ergo, he's banging the frazzle out of Alec's teenaged... read more

Quick Thoughts from Coachella: Paris Hilton

Every year Paris Hilton shows up to Coachella with a new boyfriend. Yes, I know I said that about Kate Bosworth, but it's also true for Paris Hilton. Also the part about the drugs and the fucking. But Paris does it every year while dressed like some kind of Native... read more

Quick Thoughts from Coachella: Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth shows up to Coachella every year with a new guy. I assume they're mostly dropping E and fucking and trying not to crack Kate's bones. She seems to love it. Good for her, and whatever his name is this year. Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin, FameFlynet, PCN... read more

Amanda Seyfried Won't Get Naked, But She Will Suck

Publicists are the worst type of people. You've probably hooked up with one, everybody has. Some of them are hot, but after you buy their first vodka soda and they squeak "I work in PR!" it's a sure sign you need to one and done them and DO NOT give them your real phone... read more

Ashlee Simpson Drinks For All the Right Reasons

Remember six years ago when Joe Simpson promised that his girls would never end up in rehab like Britney Spears? Of course, you don't, but I do. I can't remember my ATM password or my mom's birthday, but I do remember Joe's Karmically tragic pronouncement. Well, it looks... read more

Kevin Hart Latest Asshole Celeb To Get A DUI

Kevin Hart became the latest celebrity to get arrested for a DUI. He was tearing ass on the 101 in LA early in the morning and almost rear ended a tanker truck full of gasoline. He is lucky he didn't blow his ass to the hell where Hollywood dickheads are fucked by spiky... read more

Bieber Claims Anne Frank

It's uncanny how often Justin Bieber steps in his own shit. The teen lesbian's latest Euro-concert promotional stop took him to the museum home of Anne Frank for one poorly thought out roadshow. Some negligent wrangler let the Boy Blunder sign the museum visitor book.... read more

Ashley Benson Won The Coachella Costume Contest

Coachella is a massive three-day music festival in California that showcases lineups of some of the most legendary music acts in the world, like the Wu-Tang Clan, which headlined this year to support its new album. Unfortunately, Coachella has become more famous for its... read more