Doutze Kroes Is a True Feminist

What happened to the days when feminists burned their bras and had sex with guys who couldn't normally get laid just to prove how independent they were. Damn, those were good feminist times for men. Now it's all blogging about crappy dates and exposing rape culture and... read more

Ana Braga And Boxing Gloves and Not Much Else

I'm not sure when people decided it was sexy to see women beating the crap out of each other. I don't care if it's organized boxing or two BBWs coming to blows over the last piece of diet cheesecake bites in the store, seeing women go ballistic on each other always makes... read more

Abbey Lee Kershaw Poses Nude For 25 Magazine #3

Photo Credit: 25 Magazine [gallery guid=804716] read more

Grim Reaper Still Circling Black Friday

According to my thirty-seconds of research, nobody's been trampled or beaten to death yet on Black Friday. It's not that I want to see people die, it's just that people do die, and if I had to choose, I'd go for the moronic savages who fight over flat screens at Walmart... read more

Gisele Bundchen Poses In Lingerie For The December Issue Of Vogue Brazil

Photo Credit: Vogue Brazil [gallery guid=804717] read more

Nigella Lawson Loves Her Some Coke

Nigella Lawson is the famous British TV cook and all around society woman whose rich ad executive husband tried to choke her out with his Kung Fu grip over lunch earlier this year. Apparently, that's frowned upon in Britain. Now Nigella has problems of her own because... read more

Kanye West Blasts Nike, Blames Obama's Failure on Not Being Jewish, Won't Shut the Fuck Up

Even though he's likely getting some trim on the side, Kim Kardashian's seismic birthing of the demon baby has been rough on Kanye West. He's taking his jizz backup and turning it into daily idiotic tirades at radio stations and in concert. During his tour stop in... read more

Gwyneth Paltrow Says Fuck All Them Haters

Gwyneth Paltrow has had a lot of negative press in the last year mostly about what an obnoxious rag she is. But that shit don't faze this sack of useless celebrity crap: "This is the thing, it's like the older I get, I realize it doesn't matter what people who don't know... read more

Justin Bieber Tags Aussie Hotel With Stupid Graffiti

Justin Bieber continued his reign of terror in Australia this week when he decided to tag up his hotel. The petite lesbian ferret was previously caught on tape spray painting his stupid cartoonish tags in Brazil. I guess he figures since he's already ruined music and... read more

Heidi Montag Had Her Giant Breasts Reduced

Having never actually been talented or had a reason to be famous, Heidi Montag once had a ton of cosmetic work done so people would think she was really attractive, and that included having her breasts enlarged as if they were made by Reebok and her nipples had "PUMP"... read more

NFL Fans Sure Love Selena Gomez

Prior to yesterday's NFL game between the Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys, I'd never actually seen Selena Gomez perform, mainly because I'm not a stupid child. But now that I've actually witnessed her alleged talents on display, I'm amazed that this girl is a... read more

Charlie Sheen is Thankful for this Woman

Charlie Sheen might be 48-years old, but he still manages his Twitter account like a teenage girl, as he took a break from his Thanksgiving festivities to Tweet a picture of him and his new lady friend. While he didn't reveal the name of this new goddess, who I'm sure... read more