Danica Patrick Revved Up (VIDEO)

By Matt February 23, 2015 @ 7:05 AM


Danica Patrick was caught on camera giving it to fellow driver Denny Hamlin, who hit her car and caused her to spin off the track at Daytona. The stale exchange reeked of reality television and had all the sincerity of a late wedding invitation. This is typically the case when two supposedly angry people have a back and forth conversation in front of a dozen cameras without dropping any F bombs. Patrick apparently wants to cruise around peacefully as an under-qualified marketing ploy and doesn’t like when other drivers get next to her car. These assholes don’t understand it’s her birth right to drive a highly coveted vehicle around in circles. Her position has nothing to do with her willingness to strap on a thong for sponsors. She’s the best person for the job not counting the guys who were better. That stereotype of women not being able to drive should be put to bed. They can drive. Just not as well.

Danica Patrick Deserves a Checkered Flag

By Lex February 24, 2014 @ 4:45 PM

Danica Patrick's Topless Selfie
Richard Petty stoked the flames of NASCAR gender bias when he said that the only way Danica Patrick could win a NASCAR car race is if every other driver stayed home. An ouchie comedic clam from the King of stock car racing. Petty defended his comment by stating that it had nothing to do with Danica being a woman so much as the fact that she drives like a woman. Also, she’s never won anything in NASCAR, so he has track record is on his side. Danica answered Petty in the Daytona 500 over the weekend by not finishing. Then she answered again by pointing out that a candid of herself showing off her nipple in the mirror was pretty fucking awesome and that a million Twitter followers never shared a Richard Petty topless selfie. I’m pretty sure Danica won that round. You simply can’t outrace tits.